Thursday, July 29, 2010

UPDATE: White House Reacts to Guest's Criminal Past

Obama should check more carefully before putting a known criminal next to him to promote extending unemployment benefits. However, it seems reasonable to put one crook next to another crook.

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Obama the Velcro President: -

Obama is trying to be less of a distraction to himself by having others share in the blame game. With critics bashing Obama being on the "View," the president needs to keep a low profile. But with any other egomaniac, that is a very tall order to ask.

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Pictures of my trip to see the border between Mexico and USA

I didn't want to proceed any further. I don't want to be confused with an illegal alien. LOL

Followed the fence between the USA and Mexico for miles. High enough but should been made as an electric fence.

Point of no return. Enter this ramp and you are in Mexico.

One Border Patrol, flood lights, and fence. I was chased away when I got close. You can see the Mexican flag in the backgound

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seven People Have Been Entrusted With The Keys To The Internet

If by chance, the internet shuts down due to a catastrophic event, there are 7 people that are entrusted with a special key to restart it. These seven unknown individuals reside in Britain, the U.S., Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, China, and the Czech Republic (that is 8 countries). It takes 5 out of 7 of them to come together at a US base and restart the internet.

Doesn’t this sound like some parallel universe with the Lords of the Rings? Honestly, there are many who believe that there is one key that binds the rest. LOL.

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Auto Bailout Gave Us a Very Expensive Car

Electric-car technology has been around for many years, and Obama is adamant to put everyone in one in several years, but there is a problem. I will take hours to charge the car battery. If not completely charged, there is a very high chance that the battery will die out on the open road. Also, most American would have a hard time swallowing a $41,000.00 price tag on the Chevrolet Volt and a $32,780.00 price tag on the Nissan Leaf.

The bailout (tax payer’s money) gave us the first electric car technology, but many felt disenfranchised because they don’t want one, like me.

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GM Volt's price induces some sticker shock

When Michelle Obama Goes to Spain What Will Obama Do at Home

Michelle Obama takes the youngest daughter to Spain. The other daughter is staying behind with daddy. I wonder if Obama is going to let the older daughter party with friends while he sneaks out and play hanky-panky with some sexy women. With his known disappearance from the press, and also, an alleged affair, it does make one wonder. I trust Michelle Obama to keep a tight leash on her man, but I put money on Obama to get whatever he wants. Like the old adage, “When the cat is away, the mouse can come out to play.”

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama on the Road Blaming Republican Instead of Himself

As Obama goes around the country telling Americans that the problem America faces is not his fault, Americans are starting to be very leery with this president. The narrative that Obama and the Democrats are using during this election season is no different from the past. They feel racism and dividing the country will earn those votes. Also, blaming the problems because of Republican is a nice added measure.

Obama had 19 months to fix America; instead, he reinvented it. He accomplished his campaign promise of hope and change, but that is not what America imagined it to be.

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Insurance Companies Cancel Kids Health Insurance Paving Way for the Government Option Plan

It is anticipated that Obamacare will cause health insurance companies to cancel certain policies. Even though Obama promised you can keep you insurance plan, he forgot to tell the American public that insurance companies can issue whatever policies they deem fit. This consequence will give Democrats the opportunity to push the government option plan. As American pushed to kill the option plan in Obamacare, Democrats just played along because they knew it was going to come back.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ben Bernanke Support the Bush Tax Cuts to Bolster Economy

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said extending the Bush Tax Cuts would help strengthen the economy. Of course, Bernanke said to extend some of the tax cuts to appease Obama; but none the less, Bernanke supports the idea. For Congress, the dilemma is how to offset the cost. Well, for one thing, cut frivolous spending may help (DUH!).

Democrats are so entrenched to allow some of the Bush Tax Cuts to expire for the “rich,” and preserve those tax cuts for people making less than $250,000. It needs to be reminded of the schematics or words being used. While the “rich” is define those making over $250,000, there are many who believe these are only individuals. Ironically, it is mostly small business that fits this category too. These are the business that provide and create jobs for the American people. Over-Tax this particular group and expect a prolong effect to the recession.

Bernanke said it best. Congress needs to lower spending if the Bush Tax Cuts are extended. I wonder which word Congress couldn’t comprehend (lower spending).

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Congressman Manny Pacquiao Will Fight Antonio Margarito in November 2010

In the Associated Press, famous boxer Manny Pacquiao will be fighting against former welterweight champion Antonio Margarito in November. This decision was approved when the Pacquiao camp couldn’t get a signed deal with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In the article, a small piece of information was left out. On May 10, 2010, Manny Pacquiao won a landslide Congressional victory in his country. Yes, Manny “The Pac-man” Pacquiao is a Congressman in the Philippines.

The 31-year-old boxer had aspirations to go into politics. It is what many famous people in Philippines do and that is making politics as a retirement plan. Several famous Filipino athletes and many movie stars have won public office. It is sad that these people we once admired turn into ruthless and deceptive politicians. Like any other politician, it is all about wealth and influence. Even though Congressman Pacquiao insists he just wants to help his people, we heard that tune many times before.

But that is not the intent of this blog. Manny Pacquiao is going to fight this November as a Congressman. Now, this has become an embarrassing circus. There isn’t a political leader that has a second career in a dangerous sport and at the same time. I can imagine how the fight will go if Manny’s opponent knocks him out or brutally hurts him. Will it be an international incident? How will the “secret service” of Manny Pacquiao handle the situation? I heard Congress fighting one another, but this is going a bit far.

It is important to decide where your heart lies. Is it boxing or politics? It can’t be both. Either choice, Manny Pacquiao will be a very rich man. So, Manny, pick one! Don't embarrass the Filipino people.

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Manny Pacquiao schedules fight for November, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. is nowhere in the cards

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Liberals Acknowledged Huge Losses in the 2010 Election

Liberal Democrats are plain “dumb!” If their chief complaints are not getting out of Afghanistan, gay rights, and not getting the public option plan, I would say their priorities are backwards. Base on polls and surveys, the most important concern of Americans is jobs, economy, and reversing the socialist programs provided by this current Administration.

At the annual Netroots National Convention, Democrat leaders acknowledged that to brace for a huge losses in Congress. The low morale of Liberals is seen and demonstrated during the convention. It is sad that majority of them don’t understand politics and their views are based from what they hear from the MSM.

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Reid Promises the Public Option for Obamacare

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tells Liberals that the "public option plan" will eventually be part of Universal Healthcare. The only question Reid doesn't know is when it will occur.

Well, I know that answer. It will happen when insurance companies are unable to support the overwhelming demand of claims that will bombard their offices. When anybody with pre-existing conditions cannot be refused coverage, insurance companies will either go bankrupt or increase their premiums. This is when the public option will be debated in Congress.

Also, it is disingenuous when Reid had the gall to say that Social Security is still strong and calling it going bankrupt is a lie. It is time to get rid of these bozos before they further harm America.

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Obama Coming to New Jersey

Obama is planning to visit Edison, New Jersey to brag of his achievements on the economy. Why is he going to NJ? Why is he going to a small town of Edison? He could gone to Atlantic City, Newark, Trenton, or Camdem, which are bigger cities/towns. Instead, he is planning to go to a section of NJ where traffic is notoriously ugly.

Obama coming to NJ is a sign that the Democratic party is panicking that NJ can go red in November. Hopefully, Obama can come to NJ and get Democrats excited. However, with the turn of events with the economy and the slow response with the Gulf oil spill, people won't forget that easily.

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NJ Governor Christie Cuts Base Pay to Overpaid Superintendents

Gov. Chris Christie is planning to limit the pay of school superintendents and base it on how many students they serve and offer incentives tied to student achievement. That is a marvelous idea. Majority of them make $175,000 and they are still crying poverty.

Read Story: Gov. Christie reveals plans to limit N.J. superintendents' salaries, base pay on merit

Friday, July 23, 2010

NJ Governor Christie Veto $7.5 Million for Family Planning

Governor Christie of New Jersey vetoed a bill that would have given $7.5 million for family planning clinics to provide birth control and health screenings to uninsured women.


Duplication of services is a good way to cut wasteful spending. There are other state-funded clinics, emergency rooms, and health centers to assist low-income women meet their health needs. This $7.5 million entitlement program is a waste of tax payer’s money. If all fails, the best form of birth control is abstinence.

Read Story: Gov. Christie vetoes bill restoring $7.5M grant for family planning

NJ Governor Christie Veto Homebuyer Tax Credit Bill

Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would give potential homebuyers a tax credit up to $15,000 for buying a home. In any other circumstances, this probably would be a good thing, but the governor said they can’t afford spending $100 million of tax payer’s money to fund this program. Although, the bill had bipartisan support in Trenton, it was obvious that these politicians were protecting their political butt.

The bill would have provided three-quarters of the funding for homebuyers to buy a newly constructed home, but in this economic downturn, New Jersey doesn’t have the luxury wasting tax payer’s money if the state has so many foreclosed homes.

Governor Christie stated, “I was forced to cut many worthwhile programs from the fiscal year 2011 budget. ... I cannot approve legislation, no matter how meritorious, when the state simply cannot afford it.”

Supporters of tax cuts, this is not like the Bush Tax Cuts, which will expire at the end of the year. The NJ legislature claim that the stimulus would have helped bring the state out of the recession, but this is wrong. This band-aid is like the federal stimulus housing tax credit, which expired June 2010. Initially, the housing market climbed, but once the program expired, housing dropped. There is no long-term investment to this program. It is a wasted effort. Governor Christie is trying to cut spending and find ways to create jobs. If foreclosure is so high, buying a home does not create jobs. Stimulating an economy is not as simple as building a house. If people can’t afford it, these houses would be foreclosed. With unemployment nearing 10 percent, people should start saving and bring down their debt instead.

Read Story: Gov. Christie vetoes $100M homebuyers tax credit bill

Charlie Rangel Refuse to Take Democrat Backdoor Deal

Here is the fact on Congressman Charlie Rangel scandal. It gives a great opportunity to follow how corrupt the Democrats are in Capitol Hill.

The charge: Under pressure by the GOP, Washington Ethics committee found Charlie Rangel misreported to pay taxes on rental homes he own in the Dominican Republic. Also, they have reported that the Congressman had a no-interest mortgage for more than a decade on these investment properties. Another ethics violation found Charlie Rangel used rent-stabilized apartments in NYC as his campaign office and used official congressional stationery to solicit political contributions.

The resolution: Democrat leaders forced Charlie Rangel to step down as chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee.

The behind-the-scene backdoor dealing: House Democrats wants Charlie Rangel to admit wrongdoing and make a public apology in return for a “slap” on the wrist and lose his chairmanship permanently. House Democrats are forcing Rangel to take the offer to prevent a public fiasco as it will go to trail and jeopardize the Democrat reputation in the November elections.

The agreement: Charlie Rangel refused to accept any deal. He would accept going to trail to clear his name than to admit ethic violations and derailing his re-election bid to return back to Washington.

Personally, the Democrats are willing to throw Charlie Rangel under the bus to prevent any further embarrassment to the Democrat Party. Many are encouraging that Rangel take this to trail and expose other Democrats who may be involved in this ethics violation and throw them under the bus.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Newspapers Going After Bloggers For Copyright Infringement

Newspapers are finally going after bloggers who cut and paste copyright articles. The art of writing has died and “cut and paste” has become the mainstream. Hopefully, this will end the lethargy of many bloggers who enjoy the lazy-man’s way to write. Plagiarizing is wrong and it is against the law.

To those who felt disenfranchised, let these tips help you when blogging. It is a very simple way 5th graders use in elementary school.

1. Read article

2. Summarize what you read. Adding opinion is highly recommended. To voice an opinion is supporting the 1st Amendment.

3. Link article(s) so others may read it or to support your opinion.

See, it's so simple!

Read story: Newspaper Chain’s New Business Plan: Copyright Suits

Democrat Majority Approval Rating at 11 Percent

Outside of Washington, D.C., the Democrats politicians are blinded that Americans are extremely disappointed at them. The Democrat Majority are in the spending mode and disregarding the will of the people. Hopefully, with the latest Gallup poll, Democrats should be scare for their political lives. Many should start packing their bags and get the hell out of Washington.

In the recent Gallop poll, the Democrat Majority received an 11 percent approval rating. That is the lowest ever recorded by Gallop. For most Americans, this is not a surprise.

Read Story: Congress Ranks Last in Confidence in Institutions

Obama Extends Long Term Unemployment Benefits

Obama signs an extension of long term unemployed benefits for 2.5 million jobless American, who been out of work more than 26 weeks. This will add $34 billion to the national debt. As Obama mocks to the GOP of grandstanding and politicizing, Republicans had to point out what Obama said 8 months ago.

On November 6, 2009, Obama said, "Now, it's important to note that the bill I signed will not add to our deficit. It is fully paid for, and so it is fiscally responsible." Therefore, signing this bill was another broken promise because Obama wouldn’t comply with the GOP request. The GOP wanted the cost of the bill be paid for government funds or by cutting some programs to pay it. The promise of the “Pay-Go” system Obama preached was another lie.

Read Story: Obama Changes Tune on Paying for Unemployment Benefits Extension

Pelosi Will Push To End The Bush Tax Cuts

Most of the mass didn’t know the implication of an Obama presidency. Also, most didn’t grasp that the promise by Obama not to raise taxes was just a bold face lie. In fact, Obamacare has a hidden tax written in the law to include the Medicine Cabinet Tax. But that is only the beginning. Once the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year, you will be penalized when you die or decide to get married. Yes, the dead tax and the marriage penalty tax will come back. Also, the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) will affect many more taxpayers in epic proportions.

Just thank the Democrats who will allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. Vote them out in November and end this recession once and for all with a new Republican Congress.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama in Panic Mode by Firing a USDA Worker without Due Process

It doesn’t matter if the video of racist remarks from a USDA worker was edited. The State Director of Rural Development in Georgia, Shirley Sherrod, actually said those statements. A more intelligent woman of her caliber would have spoken more eloquently to her constituents; rather than, she speaking with racial undertone. The edited version didn’t chop or spliced her sentences. She actually made a fool of herself.

The issue is not whether she said those remarks or it was taken out of context. The issue is how the White House wouldn’t listen to her testimony before they fired her. Also, the NAACP, who held that meeting Sherrod spoke, didn’t review the tapes of that conference to know it was edited. They too should be blamed for encouraging the White House to fire Sherrod.

The apology from the White House 48 hours after the video showing Sherrod talking about her experience with a white farmer went viral made Obama look scared and in panic mode. In fact, it is not the first time Obama was in trouble with racial charges. In July 2010, Obama made a scathing comment that the D.C. police had "acted stupidly" when they arrested Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates, who is black, on charges he was breaking into his own home. Also more recently, the Justice Department dismissed voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party, prompting criticism from conservative groups who said the black president was unwilling to prosecute fellow blacks for civil rights violations. Therefore, anything considered racial, Obama would attack it with firm resolve; whether or not the story was true.

It all shows the hypersensitivity of the Obama Administration during an election year. Obama is trigger happy to use force without due process. Also, it demonstrates how the White House is not strong enough to run this country. Hillary Clinton was right when she said during the 2008 Democrat Presidential Primary that Obama is not ready to answer the 3:00 AM phone call. This is a costly mistake among many costly mistakes this president has done during his 19 month reign as president.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bringing Illinois to Mainstream America is Bankrupting this Country

Obama and his cronies took Chicago politics from Illinois and brought it to mainstream America. That ideology is bankrupting this country. In fact, Illinois has taken the lead from California as the most fiscally irresponsible of all 50 states. Even the New York Times wrote an article called “Illinois Stops Paying Its Bill, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole.” Similar to what Obama is doing to America, he and his Democrat friends created 11 percent unemployment in Illinois, refuse to cut spending in Illinois, created a $12 billion deficit in Illinois, and brought Illinois credit rating into the toilet.

If this is the road America should follow, you are naïve and sadistic. America is on unsustainable grounds that need a major overhaul. Obama took a system that had problems, but not broken, and recreated the wheel. This is what I seen during the Jimmy Carter era. I am glad this generation is seeing the same thing with Obama. It is a very expensive lesson to learn, but we do learn from our mistakes.

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Its the Pot Calling the Tea Kettle Black Regarding to Reverse Racism in America

Before Blacks calling Tea-Party people as racist, they should tone down their narrative. It is the pot calling the tea kettle black. Reverse racism is the same how whites use the term racism. I find it prevalent to see how Blacks will use the minority status to their advantage. It is degrading and unbefitting. To attack the Tea-Party, Blacks and Liberals are ignorant to the fact that it is not a White dominated organization. It is filled with all types of gender, race, and political affiliations. The Tea-Party was born from the deceit and lies of a president who wanted “Hope and Change.” These are members of the Republican Party, Democrat Party, and Independent Party, who probably voted for Obama and riveted that they were duped.

GOP Attack Mode By Speaking the Truth

Conservatives warned about an Obama presidency. The people made history by putting a black man in office. Now, let's get serious. The video is the narrative that should scare every Democrat politician. The message is clear: Vote a Democrat and Destroy America's Economy.

Flying Donkey Scares Beach Goers

This is what society has become- a bunch of idiotic stupid morons. Honestly, who the hell would put a donkey on a parachute?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bush Tax Cuts Expires January 2011 and It Will Affect Everybody

Liberals who calm that the Bush tax cuts only benefited the rich are just envied because they miss the boat of opportunity. It is unfortunate that Liberals are capitalizing on class warfare by pitting groups of classes against each other and using racism as the vehicle to achieve their goal.

With Liberals claiming Obama hasn’t raised any taxes, there will be one tax that will make or break this president. The Bush tax cuts will be expiring January 2011. That will automatically raise tax revenues to $1 trillion. The death tax will come back, the AMT will affect more taxpayers, and the tax brackets will return to pre-Clinton days. Obama better renege on his promise that he wouldn’t raise taxes on people earning $200,000-$250,000 per year because everybody will be affected when the Bush tax cuts expire.

Read Story: Grover Norquist: Bush Tax Cut Expiration Will Cost Taxpayers $1 Trillion

November Election Putting White House in Panic Mode

Base on a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 62 percent of Americans believe the country is moving in the wrong direction, and 57 percent said they disapproved of President Obama's job performance.

Base on a recent Gallup poll, 38 percent of Republicans very enthusiastic about the midterm elections, compared to 25 percent of Democrats.

If we include what Press Secretary Robert Gibb said that Republicans have an excellent change to take over in November, it is reasonable to say that the White House is panicking, and they should be.

Read Story: White House hits the panic button on fall elections

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Medicaid Patients Forcing Doctors to Leave Their Practice

Medicaid is going bankrupt in every state. With the Federal government only concern with Medicare and Universal Healthcare, every state is finding ways to fund Medicaid. With very little support coming from the federal government, there are more doctors leaving the profession because the payment from Medicaid is horrible. In fact, there are more doctors refusing Medicaid patient and limiting the amount of Medicaid patient they take in. It is a very harsh reality of life, but it gets worse.

With more doctors leaving the practice, moving to another state, and limiting new Medicaid patients, we will be seeing rationed care. Eventually, this will lead to poor quality of care and very expensive medical cost.

Read story: Doctors Threaten to Pull Out of Texas Medicaid

Obama is Destroying the Democratic Party

Obama sinking poll numbers has hampered the Democratic Party on both houses of Congress. There are signs from Liberals pointing to a critical defeat for Democrats in November. If Republicans doesn’t capitalize the opportunity, we should not complain on the onslaught the Administration has in store for us.

Read story: Obama faces growing credibility crisis

Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama Thinks Islamic Terrorist is Harsh Words To Describe the Enemy

It should be recommended that Obama fixes the ills of America and let the war stuff be taken care by generals, who knows what’s going on. Obama is fixated to change the terminology of the war by removing any religious description to the enemy. In fact, Obama is incense that the word Islam being used to refer to terrorist, be it al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any other group. Does Obama know that the Muslim world isn’t that crazy for the president? Does anybody care what we call them? It’s been 9 years since the start of the war. If they are upset, do you think changing the terminology will change anything?

Is there something Obama knows that we don’t? Is calling the terrorist “Islamic insurgents” or “Islamic extremist” derogatory? Doesn’t the president know that they started this holy war called jihad? It is a religious war. So, let’s put political correctness aside and call them for what they are. But, of course, the president knows this because he is Muslim himself. Oh, silly me.

Read Story: Obama at odds with Petraeus doctrine on 'Islam'

Independents Teens and Blacks Begin Fleeing Obama in Droves

By November, there will such a backlash from Independent voters to the black voters against Obama. The honeymoon is over and the American people are disenchanted by this messiah.

Obama won in 2008 with 99% of the black vote, 61% of the 18 to 29 year old vote and 64% of the Post graduate vote. Now, there is a huge trend that many are fleeing him in droves.

Where the jobs, Mr. President?

Read story: With Independents Abandoning Obama... Are Teens and Blacks Next?

Democrats Admit They Gone Too Liberal

It is now official. A Democrat governor from Tennessee admits that the Democrat Party has gone too far left. As a typical Liberal, he tries to save face and denigrate Republicans, but this is not the issue. The issue is Democrats are expected to lose this November 2010 election.

Democrats took power in 2006 and 2008 elections and they have not done anything worth talking. From 2006, the very fiber of this nation started to dwindle and the childish act on the blame game flourished. After 2008, the Democrats took full reign and the disaster that soon followed became evident.

Read story: Tennesee Gov. Phil Bredesen, a Democrat, says his party must be more centrist

Obama Should Take a Lesson from NJ Gov Chris Christie

While the Governor of Arizona has raised the bar with immigration, there is a “quiet “governor from New Jersey starting to set another bar. Governor Chris Christie (R. NJ) has raised the bar to curb wasteful spending in the State of New Jersey. The inexperience and inadequacies of Obama should take lessons from Governor Jan Brewer from Arizona and Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey. Overall, Immigration and curb spending is something Obama lacks.

Read Story: New Jersey Governor Defies Political Expectations

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Liberals Blame Obama Because They Both Dont Know What They Want

I am amazed how Liberals aren’t able to put a reasonable argument together. They are discontented of Obama and his broken promises. Whether the president’s action was slow or didn’t do enough, Liberal will never be satisfied.

Blaming on the Republicans to have too much power as the Minority, Liberals are angered that the Democrat Majority couldn’t muster an overhaul to silence them. These types of statements are ludicrous. To call the Obama presidency a big disappointment is one thing, but to blame the root cause on the Republicans, special interest groups, and a broken system in Washington is utter nonsense.

This is the ignorance of Liberals. Thinking that a Democrat president and a Democrat Majority will change the make-up of America, Liberals are blinded that the people’s vote controls Washington D.C. A recent poll showed that 44 percent of the American people are conservative; while 20 percent are professed Liberals. I don’t think Liberals get it. They are the minority in this country.

When Obama won the election in 2008, Liberals were concerned about the economy. Liberals felt that the $800 billion stimulus bill was not big enough and felt there were too many compromises to get Republicans to support it. Honestly, the Democrat leadership made too many compromises to garner support of their own party. They held the majority and they almost couldn’t pass the bill. Once they did, the people responded. They voted a Republican Governors of NJ and Virginia and voted a Republican senator from Massachusetts in the November 2009 election and a special senatorial election in January 2010, respectively.

For Liberals to blame Republicans is another excuse that has no merit. To call a 40 Republican Senate Minority as powerful as the 60 super-majority Democrat Senate is idiotic, but that’s what Liberals believe. They believe Republicans were able to bottle neck many legislations in the Senate and made Obama a lame duck president.

Liberals are bunch of whiners looking to the social injustices that they felt it warrants revenge. Blaming the economic crash on Wall Street, Liberals are ready to lynch the CEO’s and limit the pay levels on Wall Street. If they look closer they should have lynch Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who created the corruption with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and the subprime loans. But with Liberals, they are too reactionary, and it would have been inconceivable for them to see the obvious.

It is the same with Universal Healthcare. I would have thought Liberals would be more excited, but to find out, they said it took too long to pass it. Again, they are finding ways to excuse themselves not to look stupid. How can healthcare be a dire emergency than saving Social Security and Medicare? That is plain ludicrous. To my amazement, Liberals are now seeing that any entitlement program needs funding. However, when they realize it will affect them, Liberals won’t have anything of it. Sadly, this is the mindset of Liberals. They want the government to give them everything, but let someone pay for it.

This president is thin-skinned and shrouded in secrecy. His speeches are incoherent and full of rhetoric. Obviously, his inexperience is being felt by every American. In fact, the community organizer is appeasing to the enemy and alienating our friends abroad. Not surprisingly, Obama’s direction for this country has made us more confused. The economy, national debt, Universal Healthcare, higher taxes, the BP oil spill, terrorist attack, climate change, “cap and trade,” immigration reform, and the war in Afghanistan are causing the American people to have an ulcer. What this country needs is a Zantac and a new change in government.

Obama Debt Commission Warns His Spending is the Cancer to our Economy

In a bi-partisan debt commission, the leaders of the committee summarized its report and it is something we know all along. The country is going broke and the current trend in expanding the national debt is unsustainable to the economy. Tell us something we didn’t know.

The federal revenues to fund the big three programs (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) are not enough to sustain viability. The discretionary spending for the war and the other entitlement programs are being hijacked by the Chinese, who have financed our debt. The report states that it doesn’t matter if we grow our economy by double-digit. We will never grow our way out of this huge debt.

The solution to the problem is nothing new. One solution is to increase taxes, cut spending, or the combination of the two. Of course, we are at the point that taxing will be counterproductive. It is more sensible to cut spending and end some of these wasteful entitlement programs. Only taxing to solve the problem will not end the spending. End spending and it should slow down the bleeding and hopefully encourage the economy to grow. If we do see double-digit growth, it is possible to concentrate to bring down the national debt.

Read Story: Obama's debt commission warns of fiscal 'cancer'

Obama Realize a Democrat House Defeat in November

Press secretary Robert Gibbs made an admission that House Democrats will lose the Majority to Republicans. It is now expected a GOP win for the House, but this is no time to take this for granted. Anything can happen, and with Democrats unethical character, there is a strong possibility that the November 2010 election may end up dirty politics.

As a true lap dog for Obama and after he admitted Democrat would lose the House, Robert Gibbs offers the alternative consequence of a Republicans Majority. Gibbs was denigrating the GOP for favoring big oil companies and less tight restrictions on Wall Street as the basis of his assumption, which he hopes will destroy the GOP.

But the narrow-mindedness of the Democrat spokesman, Gibbs fails to state the obvious. We are in the 80-some days of the oil spill, and presently, BP has uncapped the spill to implement a stronger cap over the well, which won’t be completed in several days. If Obama is directing the fix, he hasn’t done a good about it. In regard to Wall Street, the two writers of the reform bill (Barney Frank and Chris Dodds) were involved in the original downfall of Wall Street with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and the subprime loan.

Using the same idea done in the 2008 elections, it’s time for a new change because Democrats are screwing up this country. As I have said many times, your mistake to put the Democrats in power is your own doing. Put the Democrats back in November 2010, and continue to suffer your stupidity.

Read Story: Obama spokesman says Democrats could lose House

US Lagging Behind Other Countries in Restoring Jobs Lost in Recession

From the Wall Street Journal:

A Wall Street Journal analysis of employment trends in 11
countries suggests that manageable debt burdens and healthy banking systems—areas in which the U.S. doesn't excel—are proving to be crucial factors in creating jobs.

By contrast, total employment in the U.S. in June was down
4.8% from December 2007. Businesses have been reluctant to hire amid
difficulties getting loans from financially wounded banks and uncertainty about how long it will take consumers—a key driver of the U.S. economy—to pare down their large debt loads.

As of March, U.S. household debt stood at 122% of disposable income, down from a peak of 131% in early 2008 but still well above the 100% economists tend to see as sustainable.

We are not out of the woods yet. Even though the recession has made people saved and bring down their debt, it is not enough. If people dont spend, we cannot get out of this crisis. If business are not hiring, people won't be spending. While we are suffering, Obama is on vacation. It is Nero playing the violin as he watches Rome burn.

Read story: Debt, Bank Troubles Leave U.S. Trailing in Job Growth

Obama Realize that the Jewish Vote Does Count

Obama finally realize that the Jewish vote does count! Bringing back Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House for a photo-op was premeditated and forced. There was no intent for the president to back down his original argument with the Prime Minister. It was only intended to make Obama the Muslim as a Jewish sympathizer.

Read Story: Obama's Israel policy could loom large as midterm election issue in key races

Friday, July 9, 2010

As Obama Lost 4 Million Jobs Last Year, He Has Created 600,000 This Year

ABC News reports unemployment fell to 9.5% in June, but the US economy lost 125,000 jobs during the same time period. The unemployment figures are distorted as the Federal Government hired 225,000 laid off workers to temporary work for the US Census. The seriousness is dire when the private sector only added 83,000 workers in June.

Since the recession started 2 years ago, there are close to 8 million jobs lost. The Obama government spent foolishly to create jobs, but that is just a folly. Government is not in the business to create jobs; its job is to spend our money. Obama has spent at least three stimulus bills to fix it, but each of them failed to produce any permanent jobs. According to the US Labor Department, of the 8 million jobs lost, close to 5 million people were jobless for more than a year.

But as Mr. Optimist, Obama brags how the job growth in the private sector is growing for sixth straight months. What Obama is not telling us is that as he lost 4 million jobs for the first six months of last year, he created only 600,000 private sector jobs this year. This is nothing to brag about.

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NJ Gov Christie Privatizing Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers and Other Service

Privatization of certain sectors of the economy has proven fruitful, but there are those confused about what privatization really does. In the general scheme of things, privatization will provide competition, which will lead to increase quality and speed of service; and thereby, reduce the price of the service.

When NJ Governor Chris Christie announced he will privatize the DMV inspection center, States Parks, Psychiatric hospitals, Pre-school classrooms, and toll booths, I must send kudos to the governor. This would save $210 million a year of wasteful spending. First and foremost, the governor will privatize the auto inspection centers as his highest priority and then implement the other sectors of the economy.

In some states, auto inspections have always been owner-paid. They usually pay about 20 to 30 bucks and the service is quick and easy. Many auto shops also have inspection services, some gas stations and most oil-change shops do inspections, and there is plenty of privately owned little "inspection stations" around that are clean, quick, courteous and reasonably priced.

Small business is the lifeblood of the U.S. and this type would provide a lot of jobs in N.J. For those government workers going to get laid-off, they can always work in the private sector where jobs will be in demand. New Jersey is a beautiful state going bankrupt. This governor is biting the bullet and he has no other choice. It is a promise he had made to the constituents of New Jersey. The huge spending from the former governor is crippling the economy of the Garden State. At least, this governor has set his eyes to fix the mess and get NJ back in the black.

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US Send Submarines into Neighboring Chinese Waters

USA will not bend over for China. In fact, we put them on notice by putting our submarines in neighboring waters. If they want to test our military might, let them try.

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If it was the KKK instead of the Black Panther, It Would Been a Whole Different Story


The department abandoned the New Black Panther case last year. It stemmed from an incident on Election Day in 2008 in Philadelphia, where members of the party were videotaped in front of a polling place, dressed in military-style uniforms and allegedly hurling racial slurs while one brandished a night stick.

The Bush Justice Department brought the first case against three members of the group, accusing them in a civil complaint of violating the Voter Rights Act. The Obama administration initially pursued the case, winning a default judgment in federal court in April 2009 when the Black Panther members did not appear in court. But then the administration moved to dismiss the charges the following month after getting one of the New Black Panther members to agree to not carry a "deadly weapon" near a polling place until 2012.

In a statement Tuesday, a Justice spokesman said the civil rights division determined "the facts and the law did not support pursuing claims" against the two other defendants and denied Adams' allegations.

If feel that if it was the KKK instead of the Black Panthers, it would be a whole different story because reverse racism is alive and well in America.

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Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah to Adopt the Arizona Immigration Law by 2011

Obama’s worst nightmare has just begun. There are legislators from 17 states that will be introducing a bill very similar to the Arizona law, which allows officers to question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally. Of those states, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah stand a good chance that their state legislatures could pass a measure and adopt the Arizona Immigration Law by 2011. It just takes one to cause a domino effect. I think America is trying to tell you something, Mr. President.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trillion Dollar Deficit on Pace to Bankrupt this Country

How is Obama going to bring down the national debt if he is racking up trillion dollar yearly deficits? The answer is "IMPOSSIBLE!"

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Illegal Aliens are Sapping this Country Dry

We have 15 million undocument illegal aliens in this country and they are sapping us dry. The latest report suggest that every illegal alien in this country is costing the tax payer $113 billion a year, which is about $1120 per household. The bulk of cost is schooling the children of these illegal aliens and paying the emergency room hospital bill.

Supporter for immigration reform claim on a 2008 study that found illegal immigration was actually helping to grow the American economy. The Perrymaan report estimated that illegal immigrants add $245 billion in Gross Domestic Product to the economy and account for 2.8 million jobs. But the fact remains, two wrongs does not make a right. If it is okay to break the law, then it is okay to use vigilantes to help law enforcement stop a growing crime rate in America. Lets include that many states are going bankrupt because they are unable to sustain the cost from these illegal aliens. Honestly, the Perryman report is totally bogus. The money earned by these illegals are sent back to their motherland, and working below minimum wage, it seems unrealistic that $245 billion was pumped into the economy.

It is time to give these illegal aliens a one way ticket to where ever they came from.

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SCOTUS and POTUS Showdown is Imminent

The SCOTUS and POTUS are still at odds on how the laws should be interpreted. The conservative majority in the Supreme Court has put a damper on the Liberal ideology that is spreading throughout the halls of Congress.

The president and congressional Democrats have embarked on an ambitious drive to expand the authority of the federal government by regulating corporations, banks, health insurers and the energy industry. But with Roberts increasingly in control, the SCOTUS will have the final word on those regulatory laws.

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The Great Obama Depression

Like the historical presidential election, we are moving to a new direction that is historical like no other. Yesterday on CNBC, a CEO of a financial group said that The Dow Jones Industrial Average is repeating a pattern that appeared just before markets fell during the Great Depression.

The rate of decline has dramatically gone to free-fall mode, and you can thanks Obama for creating this mess. The spending this administration did has not produced or saved jobs. In fact, the term "create or save jobs" is a contradiction, just like the president. The motion has been set. Do we allow this community organizer and his minions in Congress turn this great nation into a third world country, or do the American people take back this country?

The choice is yours.

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