Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hate to Say it But Newt Gingrich May Be the Only Option

As the front runner in the GOP primaries, Romney, soon or later, will falter. If Sarah Palin does not come back, the only viable option is Newt. I hate to say it, but Newt is the other alternative. With all the dirty laundry known about Newt, everything is on the table. There won't be any surprises because Newt has been vetted. Newt has been in the Washington establishment for a very long time. Hopefully, his ideas will supersede his crooked past. If Newt wins the GOP nomination, I will likely hold my nose and vote for him because 4 more years of Obama is not an option.

(Washington Times) Romney has been the anointed front-runner for four years now in a party that likes its front-runners. Nothing contents Republicans more than an orderly transition of power.

But not this time. The long list of slain or surrendered GOP saviors is astonishing to consider.

Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and, now, Herman Cain.

It appears the only thing Republican primary voters can agree upon for any length of time is that they just don’t want to nominate Mr. Romney. Other than the deep antipathy for President Obama, the discomfort with Mr. Romney is the only enduring theme of the 2012 GOP primary process.

No one in either party has lived in the bowels of this town longer than Newt Gingrich, and yet he appears to be peaking at the perfect moment to capture the nomination.

As strange as it all may be, here is why the former speaker really could win.

First, Mr. Gingrich is truly Clintonian in all his faults. Yes, there are many, but they have been out there for all to see for a long time. His laundry has been so well-aired over the decades that we are not likely to see Gloria Allred midwifing any new salacious scandals now.

Second, before Mr. Gingrich was the ultimate insider, he was the ultimate outsider. He was a legendary back-bencher in the House before he became speaker, and he was at his best crashing the ramparts from the outside, such as during the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress.

Finally, then as now, he is a man of ideas. The improbable recovery of his campaign since its summer collapse is entirely owing to the force of his ideas, laid out in so many debates.

Newt Gingrich is a romantic conservative.

Obama Job Approval Drops Below Jimmy Carter

Finally, a confirmation who is the worst president. Obama will be a one term president.

(US News) President Obama's slow ride down Gallup's daily presidential job approval index has finally passed below Jimmy Carter, earning Obama the worst job approval rating of any president at this stage of his term in modern political history.

Since March, Obama's job approval rating has hovered above Carter's, considered among the 20th century's worst presidents, but today Obama's punctured Carter's dismal job approval line. On their comparison chart, Gallup put Obama's job approval rating at 43 percent compared to Carter's 51 percent

Back in 1979, Carter was far below Obama until the Iran hostage crisis, eerily being duplicated in Tehran today with Iranian protesters storming the British embassy. The early days of the crisis helped Carter's ratings, though his failure to win the release of captured Americans, coupled with a bad economy, led to his defeat by Ronald Reagan in 1980.

According to Gallup, here are the job approval numbers for other presidents at this stage of their terms, a year before the re-election campaign:

-- Harry S. Truman: 54 percent.

-- Dwight Eisenhower: 78 percent.

-- Lyndon B. Johnson: 44 percent.

-- Richard M. Nixon: 50 percent.

-- Ronald Reagan: 54 percent.

-- George H.W. Bush: 52 percent.

-- Bill Clinton: 51 percent.

-- George W. Bush: 55 percent.

What's more, Gallup finds that Obama's overall job approval rating so far has averaged 49 percent. Only three former presidents have had a worse average rating at this stage: Carter, Ford, and Harry S. Truman. Only Truman won re-election in an anti-Congress campaign that Obama's team is using as a model.

Many pundits believe that job approval ratings are the key number to look at when determining if a president will win re-election. Generally, they feel that a president should be higher than 47 percent to win re-election.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Barney Frank Will Not Run for Reelection

Barney Frank realize that he doesn't have a chance in 2012. In fact, many Democrats are feeling the same thing.

(The Hill) Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) announced Monday that he will not seek reelection in 2012, ending a three-decade career in the House.

Frank, 71, is the top Democrat on the Financial Services Committee and the architect, with former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), of the sweeping Wall Street regulatory reform law enacted in 2010.

He announced his decision at an afternoon press conference in his hometown of Newton, Mass., where he said redistricting played a major role in his retirement.

"I was planning to run again, and then congressional redistricting came," Frank said.

Frank's retirement will deprive the House of one of its most colorful characters, a liberal stalwart known for his quick and often caustic wit.

Frank beat back an aggressive Republican challenge to keep his seat in 2010 in what was otherwise a disastrous year for Democrats. He told reporters he thought he would have won again in 2012, but conceded that “it would have been a tough campaign.” He said he knew he would want to retire after the next Congress and thought it would be unfair to ask new constituents in a redrawn district to support him for just one more term.

In his typical candor, he plainly acknowledged his distaste for the less glamorous aspects of campaigning. “Look, I don’t like raising money,” Frank said.

The famously cantankerous Democrat also pointed out a bright side of life as a lame duck.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gingrich Wins Union Leader Endorsement

Any union organization supporting a Republican candidate can be seen as fishy. The editorial board of the New Hampshire Union gave a nod to Reagan, who was a former union guild president, and Steven Forbes, who is a successful business tycoon. When Gingrich got the nod, many Americans are curious in what capacity does Gingrich and the unions share. Unlike the GOP candidates, many would speculate that Gingrich has strong ties to unions and special interest groups. We already seen the effects of that with the current president.

(The Hill) GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich received the endorsement of the influential editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader on Sunday, providing another boost to his surging campaign.

The endorsement gives the former House Speaker additional momentum after a month which has seen him vault to the top of national GOP polls.

The Gingrich campaign said it was "honored to have the endorsement," calling it "an enormous boost to our campaign," reported NBC News.

The Union Leader endorsement is highly regarded in the early primary state. Candidates often meet with the editorial board and place great emphasis on securing its backing.

The failure to win the board's endorsement may be a setback for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign which has struggled to win support from Tea party-affiliated voters and the right-wing of the GOP base.

Drew Cline, editorial page editor for the Union Leader, spoke about the board's decision on CNN Sunday morning. Cline said that the board's "two favorites were probably Perry, Gingrich."

Broncos Pray with Tebow After OT Win Over Chargers

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays with members of both teams after their overtime win against the San Diego Chargers in an NFL football game on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

Tebow led the Broncos to 16-13 OT win over Chargers. Tebow is 5-1 as a starter and people are starting to believe in him. Even the Bronocs are starting to believe in Tebow. After the OT win, the Broncos joined in prayer with Tebow. Whether skeptic or a believer in Christ, Tebow is making everybody aware he wears Christ on his sleeve. Prayer is good for moral. Let the atheist, the media, and the ACLU whine that a good Christian boy is playing professional football. Tebow is a good for the NFL.

(YAHOO) SAN DIEGO (AP) — Tebow Time had just seconds to spare in overtime before the Denver Broncos beat the staggering San Diego Chargers.

Tebow, now 5-1 as the Broncos' starter, led Denver from its 43 after San Diego's Nick Novak was wide right on a 53-yard field goal attempt with 2:31 left in overtime. Novak made a 53-yarder in the first quarter, a career-best, and was wide right on a 48-yard try early in the fourth quarter.

Tebow had a 12-yard gain and Willis McGahee ran 24 yards up the middle to set up Prater's winning kick, which was right down the middle.

The Broncos won it on their third possession in OT.

Tebow, the talk of the NFL because he runs the read option and often struggles while passing, carried 22 times for 67 yards — the most carries by a quarterback in a game since at 1950, according to STATS LLC. He also threw for one touchdown and finished with a better rating than Philip Rivers, 95.4 to 77.1. Rivers was pressured all day by Elvis Dumervil, who had two sacks, and rookie Von Miller, who had one.

Rivers was 19 of 36 for 188 yards. Tebow was 9 of 18 for 143 yards.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Obama Named GQ Magazine 25 Least Influential People Alive

It is really bad to see the current President of the United States made the list of the least influential people alive. From a Nobel Peace Prize winner to insignificant loser, Obama has lost his mojo. To most Americans, it is not a surprise to see Obama on the list. He is a laughing stock throughout the world.

(Newsbusters) President Barack Obama and MSNBC’s Ed Schultz have been named to GQ magazine’s annual list of “The 25 Least Influential People Alive.”

Although not available online yet, TVNewser published a preview Friday:

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz comes in at #3. Ouch.

According to TVN, Obama came in 25th. Can’t wait to see the explanation.

In case you were wondering, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty topped the list.

Friday, November 25, 2011

It is Offical, Chevy Volt Electric Car is a Fire Hazard

Obama gets all the credit. He bailout out GM with taxpayer's money to produce a car that no one wants. The electric car did not go through extensive testing before it was rushed into market. Now, the Chevy Volt has become a health hazard. A damaged battery that catches fire is not a good sign.

(AP) WASHINGTON — Federal officials say they are investigating the safety of lithium-ion battery in General Motors Co.'s Chevrolet Volt after a second battery fire following crash-testing of the electric car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday that three Volt battery packs were crash-tested last week. In one instance, the battery caught fire afterward, and in another the battery emitted smoke and sparks.

Last May, a fire erupted in the battery of a Chevy Volt that had been damaged during a government crash test three weeks earlier. Last week's tests were an attempt to replicate the May fire.

NHTSA has opened a formal safety defect investigation of the batteries.

General Motors officials said previously that government officials didn't follow the carmaker's protocols for storing post-crash batteries.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

CBO, the Stimulus Bill Added 0.7% to GDP and 700,000 Jobs

The CBO has never made a correct prediction. Originally estimated as a $725 Billion stimulus, the $825 Billion stimulus added 0.7% to the GDP in 2010 and only created 700,000 jobs. For months, Obama pleaded with America that the stimulus bill must be passed to grow the economy. Instead, most of the money went to pay to special interest groups that got Obama in the White House. The American people should be angry because Obama's "hope and change" was a lie!

(IBD) Recovery: After nearly all the stimulus money has been spent, the Congressional Budget Office now admits it cost more than advertised, did less to boost growth and will hurt the economy in the long run.

In its latest quarterly report on the economic effects of the Obama stimulus, the CBO sharply lowered its "worst case" scenario while trimming many of its upper-bound estimates for stimulus-fueled growth and employment.

The new report finds, for example, that the stimulus may have added as little as 0.7%to GDP growth in 2010 — when spending was at its peak — and created as few as 700,000new jobs.

Both are down significantly from the CBO's previous worst-case scenario.

The report also lowered the best-case estimate for added growth in 2010 to 4.1% from 4.2%.

In addition, the CBO says the extra infrastructure money didn't boost growth as much as it previously claimed, because states reacted by spending less out of their own budgets on highways.

So in other words, the CBO now says it's possible that the stimulus had virtually no meaningful effect on growth and employment despite its massive price tag.

All this comes after the CBO increased that price tag to $825 billion from its initial $787 billion — a 5% hike.

Adding insult to injury, the new report also says the stimulus will hurt economic growth in the long run because of "the resulting increase in government debt." Each dollar of additional debt, it reports, "crowds out about a third of a dollar's worth of private domestic capital."

In our view, even the CBO's downgraded estimates are too high, because they're still based entirely on Keynesian economic models that simply assume extra government spending results in added economic growth.

You don't have to look very hard to see this isn't what happened.

While Obama promised the massive stimulus would "ignite spending by businesses and consumers," unleash "a new wave of innovation, activity and construction," and keep unemployment under 8%, what we actually got was the worst recovery since the Great Depression.

Obama Thanksgiving Message is Doom and Gloom

Obama is not a leader. Instead, he is the bearer of bad news. Where is this "hope" the president keeps stressing? Obama's Thanksgiving message gave subtle hints of doom and gloom.

(NYT) With the failure of the deficit-reduction committee fresh in people’s minds, President Obama urged Americans on Thursday not to give up hope that the nation can unite to find solutions to its economic troubles. But he acknowledged people’s frustrations over the intractable partisanship standing in the way.

“With all the partisanship and gridlock here in Washington, it’s easy to wonder if such unity is really possible,” Mr. Obama said in his weekly address, released on the Thanksgiving holiday rather than on the weekend.

Thanking Americans serving their country overseas and their communities in soup kitchens, Mr. Obama said that this is a difficult holiday for many families.

“But no matter how tough things are right now, we still give thanks for that most American of blessings, the chance to determine our own destiny,” he said. “The problems we face didn’t develop overnight, and we won’t solve them overnight. But we will solve them.”

Companies Say They Are Not Hiring Until Obama is Gone

The sentiment most companies feel is the reason why most of them aren't hiring. Obama's policies are hurting business. Instead of creating jobs, businesses are parking trillions of dollars in the bank. Instead of buying to spur the economy, consumers are parking trillions of dollars in the bank. The American people should not be getting upset. They should be asking why this is happening? Businesses are protecting their survival. Consumers don't have the extra disposable income. Americans are saying that Obama is wrong for this economy.

(11alive) WACO, Ga. -- A west Georgia business owner is stirring up controversy with signs he posted on his company's trucks, for all to see as the trucks roll up and down roads, highways and interstates:

"New Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone."

"Can't afford it," explained the employer, Bill Looman, Tuesday evening. "I've got people that I want to hire now, but I just can't afford it. And I don't foresee that I'll be able to afford it unless some things change in D.C."

Looman's company is U.S. Cranes, LLC. He said he put up the signs, and first posted pictures of the signs on his personal Facebook page, six months ago, and he said he received mostly positive reaction from people, "about 20-to-one positive."

But for some reason, one of the photos went viral on the Internet on Monday.

Looman made it clear, talking with 11Alive's Jon Shirek, that he is not refusing to hire to make some political point; it's that he doesn't believe he can hire anyone, because of the economy. And he blames the Obama administration.

"The way the economy's running, and the way my business has been hampered by the economy, and the policies of the people in power, I felt that it was necessary to voice my opinion, and predict that I wouldn't be able to do any hiring," he said.

So Bill Looman is keeping the signs up, and the photos up -- stirring up a lot of debate.

"I just spent 10 years in the Marine Corps protecting the rights of people... the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment and the [rest of the] Bill of Rights," he said. "Lord knows they're calling me at 2 in the morning, all night long, and voicing their opinion. And I respect their right to do that. I'm getting a reaction, a lot of it's negative, now. But a lot of people are waking up."

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reggie Love Leaves Post Because Reggie Love Obama

There is something fishy inside the White House. Reggie Love leaving his post to go back to school is not a good reason. It is important to get an education, but Reggie could have waited after Obama's first term. Since Reggie decided to leave now, it gives suspicion of Reggie's motive. It is an election year and Reggie may be a liability. There may be something Reggie and Obama are hiding from the American people.

(Yahoo) Reggie Love walked into his windowless office late last week and surveyed the confines. It wasn't exactly an ideal place to work, especially for someone standing 6 feet, 5 inches. A burgundy couch, desk and cabinet took up much of the floor, leaving little room to maneuver.

"The space is small," Love said. "But the real estate is valuable."

Nearly every day, Love takes a right turn out of his office, walks a few steps and opens a door to the most famous office in the world: the Oval Office. Whatever President Obama happens to need once inside, from a copy of a speech to a newspaper, Love gets for him. As the president's personal assistant – a job known as a body man – Love also keeps him on schedule, often deciding who gets the president's ear.

The 29-year-old Love hardly ever speaks on the record. But after the White House announced 12 days ago that he would be leaving his position by the end of the year to attend the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, he granted an exclusive interview to ESPN's Rachel Nichols, providing a rare glimpse inside the president's inner circle.

Love is almost always by Obama's side, working up to 18 hours a day and often sleeping on the burgundy couch. He carries around a bag filled with anything the president might need in a pinch, like collar stays, Tide stain remover and dental products. Obama has no qualms about flossing his teeth with Love in the room.

"If he had it his way, I think he'd floss in private," Love said, noting how little time the president spends away from his closest aides. "I think the fact that he was comfortable with me is probably a product of, you know, he's beaten down. I've been around for so long." Tune in Tuesday to "World News with Diane Sawyer" at 6:30 p.m. ET and "Nightline" at 11:35 p.m. ET for Rachel Nichols' interview with Reggie Love

Affable and outgoing, Love joined Obama's Senate office in 2006. He started in the mail room and was quickly promoted to body man. But he has risen to more than a presidential aide. Obama frequently refers to Love as a little brother, making him the informal First Brother if you will.

"His ability to juggle so many responsibilities with so little sleep has been an inspiration to watch," Obama said in a statement last week. "He is the master of what he does."

One thing Love does to perfection is help make the president look hip. He taught Obama how to fist-bump, bought him a silver iPod for his birthday and introduced him to the music of Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. Last year, Obama playfully referred to Love as his "iReggie."

"The president has to deal with so many things that are heavy," Love said. "I think it's good to be able to, for him, to have some moments of levity, some moments not full-tilt. And if me being a part of (those) moments is helpful, I acknowledge and think I'm happy to do it."

The bond between Love and Obama was solidified on a basketball court. The pair played pickup games regularly during the presidential campaign, a tradition that has carried over to the South Lawn of the White House. Love, who was a star wide receiver on the football team and captain of the basketball team at Duke, rarely plays against Obama.

"Reggie is 20 years younger than me," Obama said during the campaign. "So there is no doubt that I have to have Reggie on my team. I can't be guarding Reggie."

Love and Obama are also seasoned travel teammates. According to a group of researchers at ABC News, they have flown some 880,780 miles together since the start of the presidential campaign. When two people spend that much time together, they're bound to get on each other's nerves. So, what does Obama do that makes Love's skin crawl?

"The thing that used to kill me is that the guy loves to ride around with the AC off in the summertime," Love said. "And I get hot. I start sweating. And I'm like, it's 80 degrees in this car. I'm going to pass out."

Only when beads of sweat begin to roll down Love's face will Obama relinquish his presidential powers and agree to use the air conditioner.

The stifling car rides aside, Love admits he landed a dream job, one that comes with a front-row seat to history – literally. So why on Earth is he leaving to become a student? The demands on his time, he said, were becoming too great ever since he started taking classes on a part-time basis at Wharton earlier this year. When Obama gave a speech at the White House Correspondents' dinner in April, hours before the U.S. launched a raid on Osama Bin Laden's house, Love was off studying for a midterm.

Still, the decision to leave the White House for a classroom was extremely difficult. Before making it final, Love consulted with his closest colleague.

"I said, 'Mister President, I just wanted to get your advice and your opinion on this. I'm thinking that maybe I need to spend more time focusing on school and taking some time off of here,' " Love said. "And he was very supportive of it."

Asked to describe what his last day might be like, Love seemed to get emotional. He later said he planned to regularly keep in touch with Obama and might just drop by the White House one day to have lunch with him.

Love said he felt fortunate to be a "very long passenger on an amazing ride." But it's the mundane things about the job he will cherish most. On most nights, as Obama leaves the Oval Office for the second-floor residence, he pops his head into Love's office for a quick briefing on the next day's schedule and then says goodnight.

"I know definitely I'm going to miss that," Love said. "He's been like big brother to me, a mentor. I've learned so much about life from him. I've spent most of my adult life working for him, so it's going to be a challenge. A pretty big challenge."

Newt Gingrich Supports to Legalize Amensty but No Citizenship

Newt Gingrich support legalizing 11 million illegal aliens to live in the United States, but does not support citizenship. What is the difference? Gingrich is rewarding bad behavior. While legalizing illegal aliens to stay in the United States, Gingrich is supporting those illegal aliens who commit murder and rape to stay in this country legally too. This is called being a moderate. Gingrich is a RINO!

(National Review) All he said was, “Let’s be humane in enforcing the law.” That was my reaction last night when Newt Gingrich argued that the federal government should refrain from deporting illegal immigrants who had been in the U.S. for many years if the effect would be the break up of a family.

I did not take him to be proposing a new law conferring amnesty. To do what the former Speaker proposed would require no change in U.S. law. All you’d need is the sensible application of prosecutorial discretion.

A successful immigration enforcement policy, easily implemented under current law, would secure the borders; use the capability we have to track aliens who enter on visas to ensure that they don’t overstay; and target our finite law enforcement resources at (a) illegal immigrants who violate federal or state criminal laws (i.e., other than the laws against illegal entry), and (b) employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens and therefore provide the incentive that induces them to come. (An even better policy would deny illegal immigrants various social welfare benefits, but some of that would involve changes in the law so I put it to the side for present purposes.)

Such a policy would materially reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. — if they can’t work, many will leave and many won’t come in the first place. Such a policy would also call on government lawyers to exercise discretion (as they do in all aspects of law-enforcement) to decide which cases are worth prosecuting. Obviously, if an alien has been here illegally for a number of years but has been essentially law-abiding (again, ignoring the fact that it is illegal for him to reside and work in the U.S.), and if his deportation would have the effect of ripping apart an intact, law-abding family, you don’t bring that case. Such a case is not worth the Justice Department’s time when there are plenty of more serious criminals, including more serious immigration offenders, to pursue.

This is not a radical concept. The Obama administration currently exercises its discretion by not only refraining from any meaningful enforcement of the immigration laws but also preventing states (e.g., Arizona) from enforcing the laws. In stark contrast, the Speaker indicated that a Gingrich administration would enforce the law against illegal aliens — it would arrest and deport many of them. I’m betting that he’d also direct his Attorney General to drop the Obama Justice Department suit against Arizona. And Newt was quick to point out last night that he was talking about a humane enforcement policy. He was not proposing that the illegal aliens who were not prosecuted be given citizenship. They just wouldn’t get prosecuted as long as they didn’t make a nuisance of themselves.

That’s not amnesty. It’s common sense. It would also be a vast improvement over Obama immigration policy. I don’t understand what the hubbub is about.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Committee Failed. Automatic Cuts is the Only Way

If the super committee failed during negotiations, Rand Paul was there to clarify the consequence. For several weeks, the Democrats on the super committee touted that there will be automatic cuts on the military. Through the power of funny math, the budget cut to the military are base on future spending. Honestly, automatic spending cuts will be the Democrats downfall. Bush tax cuts will be affected. Medicare and Medicaid will be affected. Unemployment checks will be affected. In the "it is all about the economy, stupid" mantra, Democrats will be blamed big time in 2012. Recently, Democrats walked away from the negotiation table. Democrats are afraid to take responsibility. They want to take the GOP down with them. Actually, Republicans can not be blamed for the inadequacies of Democrats.

(CNN) - Rand Paul, the Kentucky senator who was elected with strong support from the tea party, said Sunday the automatic cuts that would follow a “super committee” failure may be the only way for Congress to reach a debt-cutting deal.

“Automatic cuts (sequestration) are sort of like telling your children that, you know, if you don't clean up your mess, or else,” Paul said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Maybe we need the ‘or else’ because Congress isn't behaving the way they should be behaving. Maybe sequestration is our only way we will get any kind of cuts,” Paul said.

Paul said the major cuts to budget of the Department of Defense wouldn’t actually amount to spending cuts, only cuts in proposed expenditures.

Another consequence of not reaching a deficit reduction deal is the expiration of unemployment benefits by the end of the year. Paul said he couldn’t support extended those benefits unless they’re funded.

“If you want to extend unemployment benefits, they have to be paid for,” Paul said. “We have an unemployment program. We have a tax for it. It's paid for for 26 weeks. So the question is, do we want to borrow money from China to pay people not to work?”

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Newt Gingrich Ugly Past Finally Caught Up to Him

The media kept the GOP soap opera under control. Thus, the media made sure that a GOP candidate didn't get too far ahead in the GOP presidential race. Since it was reported that Newt Gingrich surged in the latest poll, the media wanted to remind the American people that the former House Speaker is a weak candidate. Gingrich is part of the Republican establishment. Gingrich is very similar to Bill Clinton. Besides adultery, Gingrich had several affair. Gingrich was a draft dodger. Also, there was an ethics violation using tax payer's money to publish a book. Gingrich's argument with his cancer, stricken wife at her hospital bed was in bad form. Gingrich and Bill Clinton believed that oral sex is not sex. To top Gingrich's problem, the former House Speaker overdrawn and bounced 22 House checks. It looks like an uphill climb from Gingrich.

(Politico) Newt Gingrich’s campaign sought Friday to differentiate the former House speaker’s extramarital affair in the 1990s with that of Bill Clinton by noting that the former president committed perjury.

“Opponents often try to delegitimize Newt Gingrich by pointing out that he had admitted to having an extramarital affair during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton,” notes a new page on Gingrich’s campaign website that is devoted to explaining past controversies involving the Republican White House hopeful.

“What these accusers are ignoring is that the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton were due to the fact that the president committed perjury in front of a sitting federal judge, which is a felony. As the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt felt that he had a duty to uphold the rule of law by pursuing impeachment. He stands by that decision today.”

Gingrich also confronts the oft-told story that he asked his first wife for a divorce while she was on her deathbed.

“This story is a vicious lie,” according to the page. “It was first reported by a left-wing magazine in the 1980s based on heresay and has survived in left-wing chat rooms on the Internet until today. It is completely false.”

The page refers and links to a column one of Gingrich’s daughters wrote earlier this year about the incident.

“The column reveals that 1) It was her mother that requested the divorce, not Newt, and it was months before the hospital visit in question; 2) Her mother was in the hospital to remove a tumor, but it was benign, and she is still alive today; 3) Newt visited the hospital for the purpose of taking his two children to see their mother, not to discuss a divorce.”

What the page doesn’t mention is that a Gingrich spokesman confirmed earlier this year that the then-congressman and his then-wife did get into an argument while he was at the hospital. In addition to his 90s-era affair and the story about his hospital visit, the site addresses 14 additional topics that could be used against Gingrich.

The other issues are mostly on policy and politics, ranging from his statement on Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan to his work for Freddie Mac.

Democrats Want the Super Committee to Fail But Will Backfire

Democrats refused to work with the GOP and left the table. The super-committee is doomed, and will fail to agree on a $1.2 trillion reduction in the nation's deficit. Democrats are purposely wanting an automatic reduction to the defense budget and blame the GOP for automatic cuts to Medicare. However, the Democrats plan may backfire. There is a huge backlash on the Democrat party for the past couple years. In 2012, the American people will have another chance to vote out the Democrats in Washington.

(Guardian) Economists are warning of dire consequences if US politicians fail to make progress this weekend in tense talks aimed at reducing America's massive deficit ahead of a Wednesday deadline.

The bi-partisan congressional super-committee is charged with drawing up plans for a $1.2tn reduction in the nation's deficit by the middle of next week. Failure to do so will trigger an automatic "sequester" that will make cuts of that size to defence and social welfare programmes starting in 2013. But the two sides seem far from finding a solution after clashing over tax revenues.

While Wednesday is the official deadline for the supercommittee to report back, it has until Monday to tell the Congressional Budget Office about the impact any plan they send to Congress will have on the budget.

Failure to reach an agreement on what is essentially a small reduction on the deficit – just 0.7% of gross domestic product in 2013 – could trigger another rating's agency downgrade, warned economists including Paul Ashworth, chief North American economist at Capital Economics.

Morgan Stanley analyst Christine Tan predicted earlier this month that there was now a one-in-three possibility of another downgrade.

"If the supercommittee fails to reach a $1.2tn deficit reduction deal, if such a deal relies more upon accounting changes than real deficit reduction, or if congressional action lessens the impact of the $1.2tn automatic trigger, we believe this could potentially provide S&P with a pretext to downgrade the US further from AA+ to AA," wrote Tan in a note to investors.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Palin Has a Solution for the Corruption in Washington DC

Sarah Palin understands that politicians get rich from lobbyist, inside deals, gifts, and insider trading. It is astonishing that a modest man who arrives in Washington, D.C., leave as millionaires. There is one answer for it. Politics will corrupt anybody. Unlike the typical politician in Washington, D.C., Palin has battled corrupted public servant. She went as far as to run against them and won. She believes reform is an excellent solution to the problem. It will lead to transparency and accountability. Also, term limits would help curb the corruption.

(WSJ) Mark Twain famously wrote, "There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress." Peter Schweizer's new book, "Throw Them All Out," reveals this permanent political class in all its arrogant glory. (Full disclosure: Mr. Schweizer is employed by my political action committee as a foreign-policy adviser.)

Mr. Schweizer answers the questions so many of us have asked. I addressed this in a speech in Iowa last Labor Day weekend. How do politicians who arrive in Washington, D.C. as men and women of modest means leave as millionaires? How do they miraculously accumulate wealth at a rate faster than the rest of us? How do politicians' stock portfolios outperform even the best hedge-fund managers'? I answered the question in that speech: Politicians derive power from the authority of their office and their access to our tax dollars, and they use that power to enrich and shield themselves.

The money-making opportunities for politicians are myriad, and Mr. Schweizer details the most lucrative methods: accepting sweetheart gifts of IPO stock from companies seeking to influence legislation, practicing insider trading with nonpublic government information, earmarking projects that benefit personal real estate holdings, and even subtly extorting campaign donations through the threat of legislation unfavorable to an industry. The list goes on and on, and it's sickening.

Astonishingly, none of this is technically illegal, at least not for Congress. Members of Congress exempt themselves from the laws they apply to the rest of us. That includes laws that protect whistleblowers (nothing prevents members of Congress from retaliating against staffers who shine light on corruption) and Freedom of Information Act requests (it's easier to get classified documents from the CIA than from a congressional office).

The corruption isn't confined to one political party or just a few bad apples. It's an endemic problem encompassing leadership on both sides of the aisle. It's an entire system of public servants feathering their own nests.

None of this surprises me. I've been fighting this type of corruption and cronyism my entire political career. For years Alaskans suspected that our lawmakers and state administrators were in the pockets of the big oil companies to the detriment of ordinary Alaskans. We knew we were being taken for a ride, but it took FBI wiretaps to finally capture lawmakers in the act of selling their votes. In the wake of politicos being carted off to prison, my administration enacted reforms based on transparency and accountability to prevent this from happening again.

We were successful because we had the righteous indignation of Alaskan citizens on our side. Our good ol' boy political class in Juneau was definitely not with us. Business was good for them, so why would they want to end "business as usual"?

The moment you threaten to strip politicians of their legal graft, they'll moan that they can't govern effectively without it. Perhaps they'll gravitate toward reform, but often their idea of reform is to limit the right of "We the people" to exercise our freedom of speech in the political process.

I've learned from local, state and national political experience that the only solution to entrenched corruption is sudden and relentless reform. Sudden because our permanent political class is adept at changing the subject to divert the public's attention—and we can no longer afford to be indifferent to this system of graft when our country is going bankrupt. Reform must be relentless because fighting corruption is like a game of whack-a-mole. You knock it down in one area only to see it pop up in another.

What are the solutions? We need reform that provides real transparency. Congress should be subject to the Freedom of Information Act like everyone else. We need more detailed financial disclosure reports, and members should submit reports much more often than once a year. All stock transactions above $5,000 should be disclosed within five days.

We need equality under the law. From now on, laws that apply to the private sector must apply to Congress, including whistleblower, conflict-of-interest and insider-trading laws. Trading on nonpublic government information should be illegal both for those who pass on the information and those who trade on it. (This should close the loophole of the blind trusts that aren't really blind because they're managed by family members or friends.)

No more sweetheart land deals with campaign contributors. No gifts of IPO shares. No trading of stocks related to committee assignments. No earmarks where the congressman receives a direct benefit. No accepting campaign contributions while Congress is in session. No lobbyists as family members, and no transitioning into a lobbying career after leaving office. No more revolving door, ever.

Obama Cares About Re-Election While Killing a Job Opportunity

This proves Obama cares about his job instead the 14 million jobs he took away from the American people. Also, it proves that this president is controlled by lobbyist and Hollywood. It was a golden opportunity to put jobs back into the economy, but the president had his own agenda. There isn't an excuse in building the pipeline. The Obama Administration determined it to be safe when the State Department’s recent Environmental Impact Statement found that the pipeline would pose few environmental risks. If the pipeline was deemed safe to be built, what was Obama thinking?

(Ask Heritage) If Americans needed any further proof that the Obama Administration is one of the most political on record, or that, for all the recent demagoguing, it really cares only about re-election, not about job creation, then you need look no further than its cynical Keystone XL oil pipeline decision last week.

Over the last several months, radical environmentalists along with Hollywood celebrity activists descended on the White House in protest, urging President Barack Obama to block the construction of the $7 billion pipeline that would bring in more than 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf coast. Last week, they got their wish.

The Obama Administration on Thursday announced that it would delay a decision on the pipeline until after the 2012 election. In siding with his leftist environmentalist, big Hollywood base, President Obama’s ambition is nakedly apparent, as is his total disregard for the 14 million unemployed Americans sitting on the sidelines, waiting for Washington to get out of the way so they can get back to work. And it also shows that for him, politics is more important than achieving true energy independence for the United States.

And here’s why: The Keystone pipeline would have done what the President’s hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus spending failed to do. It would have created thousands of jobs (tens of thousands, by some predictions), while generating $5.2 billion in property tax revenue for Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas. And it would have done it all with private dollars–not taxpayer dollars.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

US Sends Troops to Australia to Curb China Aggressiveness

US will not tolerate an aggressive China. China had shown interest from taking over Siberia, an island in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Okinawa. If China thinks America has war fatigue and domestic problems, China would think twice to cross the US.

(NY Times) CANBERRA, Australia — President Obama announced Wednesday that the United States planned to deploy 2,500 Marines in Australia to shore up alliances in Asia, but the move prompted a sharp response from Beijing, which accused Mr. Obama of escalating military tensions in the region.

The agreement with Australia amounts to the first long-term expansion of the American military’s presence in the Pacific since the end of the Vietnam War. It comes despite budget cuts facing the Pentagon and an increasingly worried reaction from Chinese leaders, who have argued that the United States is seeking to encircle China militarily and economically.

The president said the moves were not intended to isolate China, but they were an unmistakable sign that the United States had grown warier of its intentions.

China has invested heavily in military modernization and has begun to deploy long-range aircraft and a more able deep-sea naval force, and it has asserted territorial claims to disputed islands that would give it broad sway over oil and gas rights in the East and South China Seas.

Some analysts in China and elsewhere say they fear that the moves could backfire, risking a cold war-style standoff with China.

The president is to fly north across the continent to Darwin, a frontier port and military outpost across the Timor Sea from Indonesia, which will be the center of operations for the coming deployment. The first 200 to 250 Marines will arrive next year, with forces rotating in and out and eventually building up to 2,500, the two leaders said.

The United States will not build new bases on the continent, but will use Australian facilities instead. Mr. Obama said that Marines would rotate through for joint training and exercises with Australians, and the American Air Force would have increased access to airfields in the nation’s Northern Territory.

Analysts say that Chinese leaders have been caught off guard by what they view as an American campaign to stir up discontent in the region. China may have miscalculated in recent years by restating longstanding territorial claims that would give it broad sway over development rights in the South China Sea, they say. But they argue that Beijing has not sought to project military power far beyond its shores, and has repeatedly proposed to resolve territorial disputes through negotiations.

The United States portrays itself as responding to a new Chinese assertiveness in the region that has alarmed core American allies. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote a recent article in Foreign Policy laying out an expansive case for American involvement in Asia, and Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta characterized China’s military development as lacking transparency and criticized its assertiveness in the regional waters.

Benetton Ad Shows Obama Kissing Chavez

Shock ads to boost sale is a gimmick. To see Obama kissing another guy is nothing new. Since there hasn't been any commotions from the White House, Obama is condoning it.

(Washington Post) The Unhate Foundation, founded by the Italian clothing company, is an advocacy group for tolerance. The controversial ad campaign is an attempt for Benetton to regain its status from the “United Colors” ads that regularly shocked viewers with subjects that had nothing to do with clothing: A priest kissing a nun, a man dying of AIDS, a just-born baby with umbilical cord still attached, a trio of real human hearts.

In the new campaign, the leaders of North and South Korea lock lips, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel smooches Nicholas Sarkozy, president of France (What will Carla Bruni think?). Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also share a kiss. The campaign was inspired by a kiss between Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German communist leader Erich Honecker in 1979.

Skepticism abounds, though — the company’s sales have been dragging, and some are speculating that the ad campaign might just be a way of jolting consumers into remembering the Benetton name. The campaign is the first part of a three-step plan to revive the Benetton brand. According to the WSJ, the brand is also rethinking its clothing lines.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Obama Now Blames America for his Failures

Obama blames George W. Bush. Obama blames the Republicans. Obama blames Democrats. Obama blames the Tea Party. Obama blames Gulf Oil Spill. Obama blames the blacks. Obama blames Congress. Obama blames big business. Since Obama covered everything, the president is now blaming America for his economic woes. Obama is saying that America is lazy to attract new business. That is asinine!

“We’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of decades. We’ve kind of taken for granted — ‘Well, people would want to come here’ — and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America."

Democrats Starting to Show Defection to Obamamania

As the political wind shifted, the Democrat party is starting to keep a distance from Obama. There are politicians acknowledging that they are defecting to the center. Obama is so loved (sarcasm).

(Politico) Sen. Joe Lieberman was treated like an outcast back in 2008 when he broke from the Senate Democratic Caucus and openly opposed Barack Obama’s bid for the White House.

Asked last week if he’d back Obama in 2012, the Connecticut independent said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

This time around, there may be more Liebermans.

A number of moderate Democrats like Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar and liberals like Sen. Bernie Sanders are declining to give their unqualified support for the president, saying they’re either too focused on their own races or are calling on the White House to cater to their agendas before they will offer an endorsement. Some up for reelection in red states or in swing districts fear that even showing up on stage with Obama will give their opponents an image to seize upon — much as Democrats did in 2008 when they repeatedly flashed shots of Sen. John McCain hugging President George W. Bush.

So as the president faces the dual challenges of energizing his base while wooing moderates, some Democrats in Congress are keeping their distance, with the president’s approval rating hovering in the mid-40s — and even lower in states like West Virginia, where moderate Sen. Joe Manchin is up for reelection.

In the House, moderate Democrats have a tough calculation to make, a product of the volatile political landscape and a still-undefined presidential race. No matter how low the president’s approval ratings get, they tend to be higher than congressional Republicans. Some Democrats in the House will wait and see whom Obama is running against before they decide whom they’ll be running against — the president or his opponent.

With one year until voters decide their fate, many vulnerable Democrats are dancing around the issue of supporting the president.

Some are keeping their distance.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Congress and Senate Admit to Insiders Trading but its Legal

Even though Congress is a public servant and must be transparent, they still hide a lot of information from the general public. This practice is wrong. Insider trading is wrong. It seems now being elected is another form of a paycheck. These congressmen and senators make a nice 6-figure salary. On top of that, they make a lot on side deals and insider trading to make a fortune as a politician. Thus, I believe in term limits. Vote these bums out of office in 2012.

(CNBC) As many as a dozen members of Congress and their aides took part in insider trading based on foreknowledge of market moving information on Capitol Hill, disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff told CNBC in an interview.

Abramoff, who was once one of the wealthiest and most powerful lobbyists in Washington before a corruption scandal sent him to federal prison for more than three years, said that many of those members of Congress bragged to him about their stock trading prowess while dining at the exclusive restaurant he owned on Pennsylvania Avenue.

But Abramoff, whose black trench coat and fedora became one of the most notorious images in recent Washington history after his fall from grace, said he didn't play the stock market himself — he considered it an inherently unfair "casino" in which the house had far more information than the players. Abramoff made most of his fortune representing — and, as it turned out, duping — Native American tribes rich with cash from casino operations.

The former lobbyist said the amounts members of Congress earned trading off their inside knowledge ranged from as little as $2,000 to, as much as "several hundred thousand dollars," that was claimed by one member of Congress.

Abramoff declined to name the members of Congress.

At the time, Abramoff, who was involved in an extensive corruption ring, didn't think much of it. But after years in prison to reflect on the culture of corruption in Washington, Abramoff says he thinks trading based on inside Congressional knowledge is wrong.

Generally, however, legal analysts say that Wall Street insider trading laws do not apply to Congress. As an open and public institution, the legal assumption has long been that any member of the public can have access to information about how Congress works. In practice, though, that's simply not true, as powerful members of Congress come into contact daily with market-moving tidbits. That gap between the law and the reality has made Capitol Hill a virtual free-fire zone for insider trading. Over the years, academic studies have found that members of the House of Representatives beat the market by as much as six percent per year and members of the Senate do even better than that.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Obamacare Caused Millions to Lose Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Are you surprise (sarcasm)? Americans should take the Congressional Budget Office with a grain of salt. They are never accurate. Herman Cain said he would want to abolish the CBO. Once Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014, the only option is a government option plan. Thus, death panels will be the norm, over-crowded emergency rooms will be a nightmare, and ration healthcare will mimic socialist Europe. You can thank the president for this idiotic mess.

(WeeklyStandard) Throughout the Obamacare debate, President Obama repeatedly promised, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Now, Gallup reports that from the first quarter of 2010 (when Obama signed Obamacare into law) to the third quarter of this year, 2 percent of American adults lost their employer sponsored health insurance. In other words, about 4.5 million Americans lost their employer-sponsored insurance over a span of just 18 months.

This is not what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had predicted would happen. Rather, the CBO had predicted that Obamacare would increase the number of people with employer-sponsored insurance by now. It had predicted that, under Obamacare, 6 million more Americans would have employer-sponsored insurance in 2011 than in 2010 (see table 4, which shows the CBO’s projected increase of 3 million under (pre-Obamacare) current law and an additional 3 million under Obamacare). So the CBO’s rosy projections for Obamacare (and even these paint a frightening picture) are already proving false.

Whether the decline in employer-sponsored insurance over the past 18 months is a product of Obamacare or of the Obama economy — and whether Obamacare is the principal cause of the anemic performance of the Obama economy — can be debated. But what’s clear is that, more than 25 months before Obamacare would really go into effect — if it’s not repealed first — employers are already dropping employees from their insurance rolls.

Take Walmart, for example — a prominent Obamacare supporter. Gallup writes,

“The nation's largest private employer, Wal-Mart, announced in October that new part-time employees who work less than an average of 24 hours a week would no longer be able to get their health insurance from the company. Wal-Mart laid out several other cuts to its health insurance offerings, including some workers’ ability get coverage for their spouses. Other companies have already made and will likely continue to make similar changes to their health insurance benefits….

“If Wal-Mart's decision is a precursor of how employers intend to manage their healthcare costs, the downward trend in employer-based healthcare will likely continue.”

So in addition to costing about $2.5 trillion over its real first decade (2014 to 2023), looting nearly $1 trillion from Medicare over that time (according to the CBO), forcing Americans to buy government-approved health insurance under penalty of law, and amassing unprecedented power and money in Washington at the expense of Americans’ liberty — if Obamacare stays on the books, you may like your health care plan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can keep your health care plan.

It’s time to repeal Obamacare.

Obama Gives No-Bid Contract for Untested Drug to Top Donor

Obama promotes a "pay to play" system of government. Granting money and government contract to big donors is how this president plays. Thus, the people who gets screwed is us. This president doesn't care about the American people. In return for granting this company stimulus money, the American people is getting an untested, unsafe drug to treat small pox. Something about it doesn't make sense.

(LA TIMES) Reporting from Washington— Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work.

Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world's richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor.

When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company's financial demands, senior officials replaced the government's lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show.

When Siga was in danger of losing its grip on the contract a year ago, the officials blocked other firms from competing.

Siga was awarded the final contract in May through a "sole-source" procurement in which it was the only company asked to submit a proposal. The contract calls for Siga to deliver 1.7 million doses of the drug for the nation's biodefense stockpile. The price of approximately $255 per dose is well above what the government's specialists had earlier said was reasonable, according to internal documents and interviews.

Chevy Volt Catch on Fire Weeks After Failing Crash Test

Government Motors used the stimulus money to create car that people don't want. In fact, there is no reason to own a car that will catch on fire weeks after it's totaled. Americans should understand that we are far from perfecting technology. Currently, the risk with an electric car is greater than that of a gasoline car. With people buying less electric cars, I think Obama and Government Motors should get the hint.

(Detroit Free Press) Following a fire in a Chevrolet Volt several weeks after a crash test, government officials are weighing the need for new safety rules that could require first responders to drain electric vehicles’ batteries after a crash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said today it had investigated a fire that occurred this spring, after the Volt extended-range electric vehicle underwent a 20 mile-per-hour, side-impact test for its five-star crash safety rating. The crash punctured the Volt’s lithium-ion battery, and after more than three weeks of sitting outside, the vehicle and several cars around it caught fire. No one was hurt.

General Motors believes the fire occurred because NHTSA did not drain the energy from the Volt’s battery following the crash, which is a safety step the automaker recommends, GM spokesman Rob Peterson said. NHTSA had not been told of the safety protocol, Peterson said.

“We don’t want to make it sounds like this one incident could be the general case,” the official said. “We don’t see the risk of electric vehicles as being any greater than that for a gasoline vehicle.”

This is the only crashed Volt ever to catch fire, GM spokesman Greg Martin said.

NHTSA plans more testing of the Volt's battery.

Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 Virginia Election Gives Glimpse of 2012 General Election

Since 2011 is an off year for elections, there was one election in Virginia that caught people's attention. Even though Obama won the state in 2008, the last 2 years showed a severe Democrat backlash. All the GOP incumbents in the State House and State Senate won. There is a Republican governor. Also, Virginia Republicans added seven new seats to their majority in the House of Delegates, giving them two-thirds of that chamber's votes—the party's largest margin in history. If I was Obama, I would be very scared in 2012 for a major shellacking.

(WSJ) Of all the noise of this week's state election results, what mattered most for Election 2012 came out of Virginia. It was the sound of the air leaking out of the Plouffe plan.

That would be David Plouffe, President Obama's former campaign manager and current senior strategist, who is focused today on how to cobble together 270 electoral votes for re-election. That's proving tough, what with the economy hurting Mr. Obama in states like Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania that he won in 2008. The White House's response has been to pin its hopes on a more roundabout path to electoral victory, one based on the Southern and Western states Mr. Obama also claimed in 2008.

Virginia Republicans added seven new seats to their majority in the House of Delegates, giving them two-thirds of that chamber's votes—the party's largest margin in history. The GOP also took over the Virginia Senate in results that were especially notable, given that Virginia Democrats this spring crafted an aggressive redistricting plan that had only one aim: providing a firewall against a Republican takeover of that chamber. Even that extreme gerrymander didn't work.

Every Republican incumbent—52 in the House, 15 in the Senate—won. The state GOP is looking at unified control over government for only the second time since the Civil War. This is after winning all three top statewide offices—including the election of Gov. Bob McDonnell—in 2009, and picking off three U.S. House Democrats in last year's midterms.

Topline figures aside, what ought to really concern the White House was the nature of the campaign, and the breakout of Tuesday's election data. Mr. Obama may have big plans for Virginia, but the question is increasingly: him and what army?

Elected state Democrats—who form the backbone of grass-roots movements—couldn't distance themselves far enough from Mr. Obama in this race. Most refused to mention the president, to defend his policies, or to appear with him. The more Republicans sought to nationalize the Virginia campaign, the more Democrats stressed local issues.

Virginia Democrats were happy to identify with one top official: Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who is providing a lesson in the benefits of smart GOP governance in battleground states. Criticized as being too socially conservative for Virginia when he was elected in 2009, Mr. McDonnell has won over voters by focusing on the economy and jobs. His approval ratings are in the 60s, and he helped raise some $5 million for local candidates. He's popular enough that Democrats took to including pictures of him in their campaign literature, and bragging that they'd worked with him.

Yet Tuesday's results showed the extent to which that support has reversed. Loudoun in particular proved an unmitigated rout for Democrats. Republicans won or held three of four of the county's Senate seats. It swept all seven of the county's House seats. It won all nine slots on the county's Board of Supervisors, and pretty much every other county office. In Prince William, the story was much the same. This is what happens when a recent Quinnipiac poll shows Mr. Obama's approval rating among Virginia independents at 29%.

Occupy Wall Street Out Break of Norovirus and Tuberculosis

You don't see this with the Tea Party Movement. In fact, I'm not surprise because the occupiers are bunch of scumbags. The occupiers around America are initiating an environment for a potential heath hazard. A large epidemic will cause wide spread mayhem. Tuberculosis and various disease not seen for decades will spawn to epic proportions. These protesters must return home and stop their stupidity. Their efforts are not being met. Instead, their efforts are causing potential harm to society.

(NBC) With wintry weather poised to swoop into the cramped outdoor quarters of Occupy Wall Street protesters, it may not be long before more campers catch what's being called "Zuccotti lung."

That's what demonstrators have dubbed the sickness that seems to be spreading among them at an unpleasantly high rate these days: "It's a real thing," Willie Carey, 28, told the New York Times.

With little sleep in cold conditions, cigarettes and drinks being passed from mouth to mouth, and few opportunities to wash hands, Zuccotti Park may now just be the best place to catch respiratory viruses, norovirus (also known as the winter vomiting virus) and tuberculosis, according to one doctor.

The damp clothing and cardboard signs wet with rain are also breeding grounds for mold. Some protesters are urinating in bottles and leaving food trash discarded throughout the campground, providing further opportunities for nastiness.

Some protesters have refused free flu shots, citing a "government conspiracy," the Times said.

The health department has visited the site and is monitoring.

Press Secretary Quiet on Obama Remark to Netanyahu

Being press secretary must suck! Trying to cover up gaffes for the president is difficult. Actually, it make the press secretary look like an idiot. It is quite humorous. There is no doubt that Obama ridiculed the Prime Minister of Israel. The press wanted to make the press secretary say, "Obama said it. Get over it!"

(Click Video: Unable to dismiss Obama foot in mouth moment)

Q It’s been a few days since it was reported that in a private conversation, President Sarkozy called the Prime Minister of Israel a liar, and President Obama did not disagree with that. Why have you not put out a statement saying -- disagree with this, that this is unfortunate --

MR. CARNEY: Again, Ed, I assume you were part of the briefing yesterday -- I think you were -- where we talked about this at some length. We’re not going to comment on a reported conversation, a private conversation.

Q So it didn’t happen?

MR. CARNEY: What I will say is that this President’s commitment to Israel, to Israel’s security, is unquestioned -- not just by us, but by the Israelis, by Prime Minister Netanyahu himself, who has said on the record that the things that this administration has done to ensure Israel’s security are -- have not -- have been greater than any other administration. So -- and other officials in Israel have said so, too.

Our relationship with Israel is based on our shared principles, our shared values, and obviously on our mutual interests in terms of security. And we will stick by Israel.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

McQueary Stays. Joe Paterno Out. This is NOT Justice

I have several cousins who attended Penn State. I grew up watching Penn State football. When I lived in New Jersey, I would travel to see Penn State play. Because I grew up with Penn State, I have donated money to the university. Because what they did to JoePa, Penn State can guarantee no more support from me and many friends who read my blog. The Board of Directors did a disservice when they fired JoePa. There is a chain of command or a standard protocol that most organizations follow. JoePa did the right thing and followed the chain of command. It is not JoePa fault that his superiors were idiots. So, the Board of Directors didn't fire Mike McQueary, who was the whistle blower, and they fired JoePa for not being morally responsible. JoePa is not a sexual deviant. He was told in so many words what Mike McQueary allegedly saw. Why didn't Mike McQueary go to the cops instead? Wasn't that morally responsible? I wonder if the Board of Director got rid of JoePa because he is a Republican conservative, whose very good friends with George H. W. Bush. Hmmm.....

(ESPN) STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Penn State receivers coach Mike McQueary, one of the central figures in the burgeoning child sex abuse scandal at the school, will not attend Saturday when the Nittany Lions play their final home game of the season, the school announced Thursday night.

The school cited "multiple threats" as the reason for McQueary's absence Saturday against No. 19 Nebraska.

When asked if he felt McQueary should remain on Penn State's staff, defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, who was appointed Penn State interim coach in the wake of a shakeup that has claimed the jobs of Joe Paterno and other university leaders, said Thursday, "That decision is up to (interim athletic director) Mark Sherburne."

Paterno does not plan to interfere in the coaching transition and won't show up at Beaver Stadium on Saturday out of respect for the coaching staff, a source told ESPN's Joe Schad.

Paterno announced Wednesday that he planned to retire at the end of his 46th season, but the outcry following the arrest of former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky on molestation charges over a 15-year period proved too much for the board to ignore. Paterno was fired Wednesday night, as was university president Graham Spanier.

As word of Paterno's firing spread, thousands of students flocked to the administration building, shouting, "We want Joe back!" and "One more game!" They then headed downtown to Beaver Avenue, where about 100 police wearing helmets and carrying pepper spray were on standby. Witnesses said some rocks and bottles were thrown, a lamppost was toppled and a news van was knocked over, its windows kicked out.

State College police said Thursday they were still gathering information on any possible arrests.

At a news conference late Thursday afternoon, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett asked Penn State students to refrain from the violence that wracked their town. He said students have the right to express their opinions, but not the right to violence.

Corbett said he supported the board of trustees' decision to force out Paterno and Spanier, saying he'd lost confidence in their ability to lead.

Corbett, who is on the 32-member board along with 10 appointees, made the comments after a second day of private meetings of Penn State trustees.

Asked if he thought that Paterno and Spanier didn't do enough to alert law enforcement out of safety of children, Corbett said he was disappointed in their actions.

The ouster of the man affectionately known as "JoePa" brings to an end one of the most storied coaching careers -- not just in college football but in all of sports. Paterno has 409 victories -- a record for major college football -- won two national titles and guided five teams to unbeaten, untied seasons. He reached 300 wins faster than any other coach.

Tuberculosis Out Break At Occupy Atlanta Base

When you have unclean, unhealthy people congregated in a confine area, there will be a health issue. TB is very contagious. In fact, I am not surprise that it has affected the occupy Atlanta base. Hopefully, this will break up the group entirely because TB is something not to be ignored.

(CBS Atlanta) – The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis.

The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact.

“Over the last three months were have been two persons who have resided in this facility who have been diagnosed with confirmed or suspected infectious tuberculosis (TB),” said Fulton County Services Director Matthew McKenna in a written statement to CBS Atlanta. “One of these persons was confirmed to have a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication used to treat this condition. All person(s) identified as positive have begun treatment and are being monitored to ensure that medication is taken as directed.”

The Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless has indicated that two cases have been made public knowledge to the group, the first coming from someone who contracted the disease in September. The identities of the people who have contracted the disease, however, have not been disclosed by the health department to this point.

The news of the tuberculosis contractions could force Occupy Atlanta to move once again. WGCL reports that more than 100 protesters made the move to the homeless shelter Oct. 30 after Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed evicted Occupy Atlanta from Woodruff Park, citing that they were no longer allowed to camp out overnight. The homeless shelter is also facing an eviction of its own from the city.

Herman Cain INNOCENT. The Accusers LIED

Herman Cain is INNOCENT. The accuser is a lying bitch. Case closed! No further discussion, except for one. Herman Cain has done business ventures from Godfather Pizza to the National Restaurant Associations. Why is it all these girls, who are all associated with Obama, is grouped under one category (National Restaurant Associations)? If Herman Cain was a deviant, his actions would be more consistent during his travels.

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) -Private investigator TJ Ward said presidential hopeful Herman Cain was not lying at a news conference on Tuesday in Phoenix.

Cain denied making any sexual actions towards Sharon Bialek and vowed to take a polygraph test if necessary to prove his innocence.

Cain has not taken a polygraph but Ward said he does have software that does something better.

Ward said the $15,000 software can detect lies in people's voices.

CBS Atlanta's Mike Paluska played Cain's speech for Ward into the software and watched as it analyzed Cain's every word.

If he is hiding something this thing would have spiked way down here," said Ward. "He is being truthful, totally truthful. He is a man with integrity and he talked directly about not knowing any incident he is accused of."

The software analyzes the stress level and other factors in your voice. During the speech, when Cain denied the claims, the lie detector read "low risk." According to Ward, that means Cain is telling the truth.

During the section of Bialek's news conference where she says, "He suddenly reached over put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals he also grabbed my head brought it towards his crotch."

During the analysis of that section the software said "high risk statement." Ward said that means she is not telling the truth about what happened.

"I don't think she is fabricating her meetings," said Ward. But, she is fabricating what transpired."

Ward said nearly 70 law enforcement agencies nationwide use the voice software, including the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.

Ward said the technology is a scientific measure that law enforcement use as a tool to tell when someone is lying and that it has a 95 percent success rate.

After listening to Cain's speech and analyzing it, Ward said there is no doubt, Cain is innocent.

Joe Lieberman Angry at Obamas Insult to Netanyahu

The question remains why Joe Lieberman still supports Obama? If Lieberman is disappointed with Obama, the America people want to see action, instead of words.

(ABC News) — Senator Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., today said an open mic moment involving President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy was “insulting” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “totally unacceptable.”

“To me, it’s insulting to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is obviously an ally of both France and the United States,” Lieberman said during an interview today with conservative radio host Sean Hannity. “It’s totally unacceptable, totally offensive.”

Lieberman was reacting to an open mic moment at the G-20 meetings last week in France, where Obama and Sarkozy discussed Netanyahu, thinking a microphone was turned off.

“I can’t see him anymore, he’s a liar,” Sarkozy said in French.

“You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day,” President Obama replied, according to reports.

While admitting that Sarkozy’s comments calling Netanyahu a “liar” were worse, Lieberman said he is disappointed in President Obama’s reaction.

“I was disappointed by President Obama’s response because I wish he had, in some measure, come to the defense of Bibi Netanyahu,” Lieberman said.

Michelle Obama Describes her Marriage to Barack as Scary

Just reading between the lines, Michelle Obama believes her marriage to Barack Obama is shaky. I mean scary. She says being married to Barack is scary at time. I know many married couples and describing a marriage as scary is not healthy. I have to give Michelle Obama major kudos for admitting she has a big mouth. Unfortunately, she wants her daughters to be like her and have a big mouth too. The First Lady is suggesting to loudly shout to get one's point across. Sarcasticly, she is a great role model!

(WTOP) WASHINGTON (AP) - Michelle Obama told high school students taking part in a mentoring program at Georgetown University on Tuesday that being married to the president can be scary at times, because he makes the family get out of its comfort zone.

"I mean this is scary," she said. "Shoot, being married to Barack Obama? He's got big plans. He's always pushing us beyond our comfort zones, and I'm dragged along going, `What's he doing now? No, not this.'"

She told the group of about 50 students from schools in Maryland, Washington and Virginia that she had her own doubts about going from a public school in Chicago to college at Princeton. She said she wondered whether she'd be able to compete with classmates who were wealthier and had gone to some of the best schools in the world. But she said she was willing to work hard and found her strengths.

"One of my strengths was that I had a big mouth, and I liked to talk a lot," she said, adding that she tells her own daughters not to be afraid to speak up.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy Protesters Throw Urine and Blood at Cart Vendors

If we get every vendor off the street, the protesters would go home. This is a perfect of example of being entitled. When something is free and then taken away, the child within us comes out. It may be human nature, but as adults, the behavior looks stupid. The occupiers are disorganize, violent, ignorant, and bunch of whiners. They have no purpose. Eventually, they will get bored and go home. Instead of finding a job, many of these protesters have no life.

(SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A pair of Southland street cart vendors who were forced to shut down their businesses after “Occupy” protesters vandalized their carts are hoping to get some help from local residents.

The coffee and hot dog carts were located in Civic Center Plaza, the same location as the Occupy San Diego protesters.

That group first settled in to the plaza Oct. 7 and set up a tent city which has since twice been taken down by police.

Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.

And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks.

“Both carts have had items stolen, have had their covers vandalized with markings and graffiti, as well as one of the carts had urine and blood splattered on it,” said Councilman Carl DeMaio.

The damages will likely require at least a complete cleaning if not a replacement of the cart covers, DeMaio said.

In addition to the attacks, the vendors also said they recently received death threats.

Monday, November 7, 2011

7-in-10 Blame Economy for Hiring Freeze

The meager job numbers for the past several years will not bring the unemployment anytime soon. Economist is anticipating to be over 9% unemployment for the rest of the year. The survey suggest that over-regulation by the Obama Administration is killing this economy. This is causing many small business enter in survival mode. They are protecting their capital and preventing bankruptcy. In fact, unemployment will not improve before the 2012 election. Thus, Obama will be running for re-election with a very high unemployment. The president only change to win in 2012 is by cheating or character assassination. There is no way the president can brag on his accomplishments. From the US economy to a failed foreign policy, Obama is a complete failure.

(USNEWS) The Obama economy is so bad that 77 percent of small business owners do not plan to hire any more workers despite all of Washington's hype that the business climate is getting better. Worse: 64 percent of small business owners in a new survey provided to Whispers see the nation teetering on the verge of another recession.

Most shocking of all in the survey of small and medium sized business owners is that many would like to hire more workers but can't, and new financing rules imposed by hurting banks have made getting loans sharply more difficult than in the past.

"Despite positive job numbers for the month of October, it is clear that business owners have a differing view of the economy," said Connie Certusi, executive vice president and general manager of Small Business Accounting Solutions, a division of Sage North America. Sage, a business management software supplier, conducted the survey among its 3.2 million customers.

Sage broke its survey down by the numbers of employees businesses have. Below is the average response of all of those small businesses surveyed.

Key findings of the Sage SMB Perspective on Economic Recovery:

* 64 percent of respondents believe that the U.S. is either in or is headed toward another recession.

* 65 percent of business owners believe the economy has had a negative impact on their business for the last six months; 45 percent believe the economy will have a negative impact on their business during the next six months.

* 45 percent of business owners don't feel the economy has an impact on the number of employees they have.

* 77 percent of business owners think they will maintain the number of employees they have; 7 percent believe they will increase their employee count over the next six months and 8 percent believe that they will decrease their employee count over the next six months.

* 48 percent of business owners would like to hire but can't because of various reasons including economic uncertainty (65 percent), lack of revenue (59 percent).

* 77 percent of small business owners have sought access to financing this year; 67 percent found it more difficult to obtain financing than in the past; 61 percent were able to obtain the financing they were looking for.