Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hawaii official now swears, No Obama birth certificate

Finally, the controversy of the birth certificate can come to rest. The former elections clerk signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document does not exist.

(WND) Former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams has now signed an affidavit swearing he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Center nor Kapi'olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding breaks Internet records

Not too long ago, the networks said that the royal wedding coverage of William and Kate will be small and nothing like the same coverage for Prince Charles and Di. Well, the networks are wrong again.

I have always loved the monarchy in England. Queen Elizabeth bloodline is a quintessential example of a true dynasty. The British colony expands over 52 countries worldwide, and everybody around the world looks up to the UK with admiration and respect. People would have asked why we need a monarchy in the UK. The answer is quite simple. Most Brits wants to keep the monarchy. In fact, only 15% of Brits wants to see the monarchy dissolved. The fact remains that tourism to the UK is base on the monarchy. Since most people are celebrity-driven fans, the monarchy is no different to Obama, Bush, Bon Jovi, Elizabeth Taylor, or Kenny Chesney. The Brits are very traditional, and the monarchy stretches beyond generations. The monarchy holds all the colonies of the UK together. It gives the colonies pride and honor to be part of a tradition and legacy. The monarchy links the future with the present and past. It is why the British monarchy has been around a very long time.

Ironically, America needs the British monarchy. During our darkest times, the monarchy has cheered us up. We have seen it in 1947, when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Phillip after the Second World War and America's Great Depression. In 1981, after experiencing the worst recession under the Carter Administration, American saw the fairy tale wedding of Prince Charlie and Diana. And today's unrest in the Middle East and the recession in the USA, Americans can take solace to enjoy the wedding of Prince William and Kate.

(Digital life) The live streaming of Will and Kate's nuptials had 1.6 million concurrent video views, making it the biggest event to be watched on the Web, exceeding last summer's World Cup, according to Akamai.

"I can tell you the World Cup (last June) was around 1.6 million concurrent views as well, but the royal wedding has edged that out just a little bit more," said Jeff Young, spokesman for Akamai, which provides streaming-media services for more than 300 news websites, including, as well as other companies.

The wedding, streamed by YouTube and other sites, also surpassed "other major video events, like Michael Jackson's funeral and the inauguration of President Obama," Young said.

It's yet another sign that the Internet has "become a broadcast medium," he said. Obama's inauguration in January 2009 and Michael Jackson's funeral in June 2009 were "both really large events, but as time goes on and technology improves, you’re finding more people consuming more video on more devices," such as smartphones and tablets, Young said.

"Over those two years, there’s been an influx of connected devices, tablets, mobile phones."

The Associated Press said another company, Livestream, which partnered with the AP, UK Press Association, CBS and Entertainment Tonight for its live stream, "said it surpassed its own record with, at one point, more than 300,000 concurrent live streams."

In terms of Internet traffic for news, the wedding ranked 6th, behind the U.S. mid-term elections last fall, based on page views, Young said. At one point during the wedding, Akamai reported a peak of 5 million-plus page views each minute.

"At about 6 a.m. Eastern time, there was a sharp increase in traffic, and it peaks at about 9:30 a.m., with more than 5 million page views per minute," said Young.

Gas Prices Jump to $3.91 a Gallon, Heading to $4.00

Not mad yet? Don't worry. We will see $5.00/gallon of gas by summer. Americans are stupid creatures. They are unable to see the obvious. Unfortunately, the American people need to be told by the media that the high gas prices are really high. We need to do our duty and call our Congressman/woman to get this fix right now. If they capitulate, tell them they will be another victim in 2012.

(ABC NEWS) The average price for a gallon of gas in the U.S. is now within a dime of $4.

Drivers in 22 states are paying more than the national average of $3.91 per gallon. In Alaska, California and Connecticut they're paying $4.20 or more.

With one day left in April, gas prices are up 30 cents for the month. On average, the increase has been slightly more than a penny per day. At that rate, the national average for gas would reach $4 on Sunday, May 8. In 2008, when gas hit a record of $4.11 per gallon in July, it didn't cost $4 until June 8.

Analysts predict gas prices will actually start falling toward the end of May, as refineries increase production and more gas becomes available. That remains to be seen: Many analysts failed to predict the prices drivers are paying now, caught off-guard by surging oil prices.

April's rise in gas prices is sobering news for the economy. On Friday, the government said that personal incomes rose in March, but much of the extra money went to pay for gas. Now a 20 gallon fill-up costs on average $6 more than it did on March 31, diverting money from clothing, groceries, take-out food and other spending.

The main reason gas is up is the high price of oil. It rose again Friday, boosted by a weaker dollar. The dollar hit a three-year low against six major currencies. Since oil and other commodities are priced in dollars, they become more attractive to buyers with other currencies and prices rise.

Trump Drops F Bomb in Disgust with the Obama Administration

Donald Trump already hinted he is not going to run in 2012. Just saying he doesn't have a chance in winning the GOP nomination is a good indication that he won't waste his time. However, Trump is doing a favor for the GOP and for himself. By showcasing the faults of Obama and the Democrats, Trump is garnering high television ratings and publicity for his multi-billion dollar business. At the same time, Trump is inciting the crowd to blame the economy and whats occurring abroad on Obama. If Trump has to swear and curse to get his point across, he is doing an effective job at it.

(ABC News) Real estate developer and TV showman Donald Trump fueled speculation that he'll enter the 2012 White House race, assuring a crowd of supporters at a Las Vegas casino that he is seriously weighing a presidential run in a speech laced with the F-word.

The setting Thursday night was fitting for the casino mogul whose moniker is draped across the gold-tinged Trump International Hotel & Tower just off the Las Vegas Strip. An open bar greeted more than 1,000 people, waiters passed hors d'oeuvres, and a Trump impersonator entertained the crowd.

During a 30-minute stump speech focused mostly on foreign affairs, Trump sprinkled in a number of swear words and insults directed toward global leaders.

"Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people," he said. "It's just very, very sad."

Trump also blasted President Barack Obama's handling of Libya, Iraq, China and Afghanistan, and in one of his many curse-bombs, he lamented the nation's focus on building schools in war-torn Afghanistan while neglecting education in the United States.

He said he wouldn't help struggling nations such as South Korea, Iraq or Libya without payment.

"I'm interested in protecting none of them unless they pay," he said.

When discussing trade, he said he would tell China's leaders, "Listen you motherf------, we're going to tax you 25 percent."

A frequent critic of the federal health care law passed last year, Trump said the Supreme Court should decide the dozens of lawsuits challenging the legislation and urged district courts not to waste their time on it.

Trump has created waves by questioning whether the president was born in the U.S. Obama produced his detailed Hawaii birth certificate Wednesday, and Trump eagerly took credit for the reveal.

But he later said, "There is a real good chance that no matter what happens I won't win because one of these blood-sucking politicians who's been bulls---ing people for years will end up still getting elected."

William and Kate Royal Wedding


The Fed Will Make Sure Obama Wins in 2012

The presidential campaign headquarter is in complete denial. A double-dip recession and high unemployment aren't the only factors to derail Obama's re-election chances. It is also a dismal consumer confidence, low job approval numbers, and the poor poll numbers with the Libyan and Afghanistan war that will give the president problems.

To make assumptions that the Republicans don't have a superior candidate is inaccurate and desperate. Any GOP candidate can bet Obama. Voting Obama for a second term means another four more years of the same old crap. There is no way to improve economical conditions of this country because Obama's idiotic ideology is getting in the way. By destroying the dollar, this country will see a severe inflation that will lead into another severe recession.

(CNBC) As we approach next year's presidential elections, the chances of President Barack Obama being ousted by a rival from either side of the political divide are low, according to Thanos Papasavvas, the head of currency management at Investec Asset Management.

“History is very much on the side of the incumbent President and unless we have a double-dip recession with a significant increase in unemployment I don’t believe Obama will lose 2012,” Papasavvas said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

“On the economic side, any signs of a deteriorating economic environment will see the Fed enacting QE3 (the third round of quantitative easing, or creating money) and hence indirectly reducing the probability of the economy derailing Obama,” Papasavvas added.

With the Republicans divided and no major rival yet to emerge, Papasavvas believes the American right wing will keep its powder dry for 2016 when four years of fiscal austerity will play into their hands.

“With no credible Republican heavyweight to face Obama, even those who have indicated their intent to run like Mitt Romney are unlikely to burn significant political or actual capital for 2012 preferring instead to wait for the 2016 election,” said Papasavvas.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Most American Believe We are Still in a Recession

The media is chanting America is on the road to recovery. However, they need to try and convince the majority of Americans with that stupid rhetoric because the public isn't buying into it. Destruction of the dollar, true high unemployment, high gas prices, and out of control spending won't convince the American people we are doing okay.

(Reuters) - More than half of Americans say the U.S. economy is in a recession or a depression despite official data that show a moderate recovery, according to a poll released on Thursday.

The April 20-23 Gallup survey of 1,013 U.S. adults found that only 27 percent said the economy is growing. Twenty-nine percent said the economy is in a depression and 26 percent said it is in a recession, with another 16 percent saying it is "slowing down," Gallup said.

The poll findings have a 4 percentage point margin of error, according to Gallup.

The health of the U.S. economy is expected to be a major issue as President Barack Obama, a Democrat, seeks re-election in 2012.

The Real State of the Economy and It Sucks

It doesn't matter how the Associated Press paints a rosy picture of the economy. What matter is that the economy really sucks! You can blame on Obama for not doing his job. Instead of fixing the economy, Obama is on the campaign trail for this re-election bid.

(Yahoo) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Economic growth braked sharply in the first quarter as higher food and gasoline prices dampened consumer spending and sent inflation rising at its fastest pace in 2-1/2 years.

Another report on Thursday showed a surprise jump in the number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits last week, which could cast a shadow on expectations for a significant pick-up in output in the second quarter.

Growth in gross domestic product slowed to a 1.8 percent annual rate after a 3.1 percent fourth-quarter pace, the Commerce Department said. Economists had expected a 2 percent pace.

With much of the pull back traced back to sharp cuts in defense spending and harsh winter weather, analysts were hopeful the economy would regain speed in the second quarter. The drop in defense spending was seen as temporary.

"Growth was disappointing given the momentum of the economy heading into the year. We are still of the belief that the economy will improve out of the soft patch through this quarter into the second half of the year," said Brian Levitt, an economist at OppenheimerFunds in New York.

Economists were encouraged that details of the report, in particular consumer spending and business outlays on software and equipment, were not as weak as they had feared and said this suggested a foundation for stronger growth was in place.

Consumer spending accounts for about 70 percent of U.S. economic activity.

The weak GDP report and the Federal Reserve's stated commitment to a loose monetary policy stance after a two-day meeting on Wednesday drove the dollar to a three-year low against a basket of currencies.

The Fed on Wednesday trimmed its growth estimate for 2011 to between 3.1 and 3.3 percent from a 3.4 to 3.9 percent January projection.

Growth in the first quarter was curtailed by a sharp pull back in consumer spending, which expanded at a rate of 2.7 percent after a strong 4 percent rise in the fourth quarter.

Rising commodity prices meant consumers had less money to spend on other items. Gasoline prices remain a concern, even though they are expected to stabilize somewhat.

The GDP report underscored the pain that strong food and gasoline prices are inflicting on households.

A inflation gauge contained in the report rose at a 3.8 percent rate -- the fastest pace since the third quarter of 2008 -- after increasing 1.7 percent in the fourth quarter.

A core price gauge, which excludes food and energy costs, accelerated to a 1.5 percent rate -- the fastest since the fourth quarter of 2009 -- from 0.4 percent in the fourth quarter.

Britain May Soon Deploy Ground Troops in Libya

It was obvious when British officiers were helping the rebels get their act together that the formal ground troops will soon follow. We have been there now for over 4 weeks and the war isn't over yet?

(Telegraph) — Britain “may have to look at” deploying ground troops in the Libya campaign in order to establish safe havens for civilians, Liam Fox has said.

Fears of a humanitarian crisis have grown as food imports into Libya’s rebel-held east have been hit while the National Transitional Council struggles to establish lines of credit and foreign traders fear they will not be paid.

Dr Fox, the defence secretary, was asked if soldiers would be needed for humanitarian purposes or to protect safe havens in Libya or its borders and if this would require a new United Nations mandate.

In response to the question by Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP MP, Dr Fox accepted that it was “something we may have to look at”.

Afghan officer kills 9 Americans and Obama Doesnt Care

Obama forgot we are still fighting in Afghanistan. The toll number is 970 dead American soldiers and climbing. Just bomb the whole damn country and call it the day (showing frustration and disgust)!

(Yahoo) KABUL, Afghanistan – A veteran Afghan military pilot said to be distressed over his personal finances opened fire at Kabul airport after an argument Wednesday, killing eight U.S. troops and an American civilian contractor.

Those killed were trainers and advisers for the nascent Afghan air force. The shooting was the deadliest attack by a member of the Afghan security forces, or an insurgent impersonating them, on coalition troops or Afghan soldiers or policemen. There have been seven such attacks so far this year.

Although the individual circumstances may differ, the incidents of Afghans turning against their coalition partners seem to reflect growing anti-foreigner sentiment independent of the Taliban. Afghans are increasingly tired of the nearly decade-long war and think their lives have not improved despite billions of dollars in international aid.

House Democrats Votes to Restrict Unions in Massachusetts

It is nice to see Democrats backstabbing the unions. It is music to ones ear. LOL

( House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last night to strip police officers, teachers, and other municipal employees of most of their rights to bargain over health care, saying the change would save millions of dollars for financially strapped cities and towns.

The 111-to-42 vote followed tougher measures to broadly eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees in Ohio, Wisconsin, and other states. But unlike those efforts, the push in Massachusetts was led by Democrats who have traditionally stood with labor to oppose any reduction in workers’ rights.

Unions fought hard to stop the bill, launching a radio ad that assailed the plan and warning legislators that if they voted for the measure, they could lose their union backing in the next election. After the vote, labor leaders accused House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and other Democrats of turning their backs on public employees.

“It’s pretty stunning,’’ said Robert J. Haynes, president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO. “These are the same Democrats that all these labor unions elected. The same Democrats who we contributed to in their campaigns. The same Democrats who tell us over and over again that they’re with us, that they believe in collective bargaining, that they believe in unions. . . . It’s a done deal for our relationship with the people inside that chamber.’’

FORGED, Obama Birth Certificate Released

Conservative Blogs Central: FORGED? Obama Birth Certificate Released: "FOXNews reported that the White House released President Obama's long form birth certificate. While I'm not a birther and don't buy into conspiracy theories, the released document has been tampered with and changed, and badly at that. The document FOXNews reports from the White House does not appear to be a valid birth certificate."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There are Other Important Questions Regarding Obama Birth Certificate

The information provide is not the important issue of the birth certificate controversy. There are several main issue that needs to be explained by the president. First, why did it take so long to produce this document. This fiasco could have ended long time ago if Obama show us his birth certificate. Second, if the Gov. of Hawaii, who bragged he can provide Obama birth certificate, was unable to locate the document, how did couple Obama aides were able to find it? And third, why did the president pay millions in legal fees to hide his birth certificate, his school record, and other documents explaining his past. I thought he was going to be the most transparent president in history. Yeah, right!

(The Smoking Gun) So here’s a few nutty points about the birth certificate sure to be seized upon by the nonbelievers:

• If the original document was in a bound volume (as reflected by the curvature of the left hand side of the certificate), how can the green patterned background of the document's safety paper be so seamless?

• Why, if Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was the “Date Accepted by Local Reg.” four days later on August 8, 1961?

• What is the significance of the smudges in the box containing the name of the reported attendant?

• David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently unavailable to answer questions about Obama’s reported birth.

• In the “This Birth” box there are two mysterious Xs above “Twin” and “Triplet.” Is there a sibling or two unaccounted for?

• What is the significance of the mysterious numbers, seen vertically, on the document’s right side?

• Finally, the “Signature of Local Registrar” in box 21 may be a desperate attempt at establishing the document’s Hawaiian authenticity. Note to forgers: It is spelled “Ukulele.”

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Traveling Obama Show

Obama needs to shut up and govern. At this rate, telling the people of the Titanic that everything will be okay is not going to do it.

(The American Spectator) In the first few moments of his speech at Northern Virginia Community College on Tuesday, President Obama gave the game away.
He said he ventured to the campus, a mere 17 miles from Washington, to "get out of the immediate environs of Washington and hear directly from voters and have a conversation with them."


The election is 19 months away. The government's collision with its debt ceiling is about one month away, maybe less. How is Obama spending the first of the four weeks (if that) he has left before the government -- over which he allegedly presides -- hits its credit limit? He is campaigning for reelection.

Obama's three-stop trip to California and back "has all the markings of a campaign swing," according to Bloomberg News. That's because it is one. Los Angeles-based Democratic strategist Bill Carrick told Bloomberg that the trip was not really campaigning, but, well, with it the White House will "start focusing on swing states early so you can broaden the electoral map."

In the trip's public speeches, Obama has portrayed Republicans as cold-hearted agents of the greedy rich who work to squeeze a few more dimes from the peasants by "cutting children out of Head Start." Not a campaign trip? Sure, and Donald Trump has a lovely flaxen mane.

If this story sounds somewhat familiar, that's because in only two years the president has repeated it incessantly. When the stimulus bill was making its way through Congress, Obama took to the road to sell it to the people. His budget? Ditto. The health care bill? Months of the Traveling Obama Show.

The man loves to talk. He loves the performance and the attention it brings. But at this point in the Obama presidency, it should be obvious to someone in the West Wing that this is an enterprise of rapidly diminishing returns. What is gained from the expulsion of so much wind from the president's overtaxed lungs?

Passage of major legislation? Obama's nearly three dozen speeches actually hurt the cause of health care reform. The health care bill, which he let Congress craft as he flew around the nation talking, was passed through the old-fashioned back-room arm twisting of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, not the persuasive powers of the president. The stimulus bill passed because it was a traditional Congressional goodie bag, not because the president converted reluctant lawmakers into Keynesians.

How can Obama win the future if he can't even win independents? Obama's answer: Give more speeches! The right answer: Park Air Force One, unplug the teleprompter, roll up the sleeves, and govern.

AP survey, Only oil shock can stop economy now

The Associated Press must be from another planet. They see the present state of this environment positive. AP is saying Americans are spending more on furniture, cars and electronics. Really? Who is buying cars with these gas prices?

AP is reporting an increase in American exports and corporate spending, which have helped drive the recovery, are expected to remain strong. What? With the failed bailouts to pay the CEO bonuses, the only way to drive this economy is consumer spending. We aren't producing anything in this country. Companies aren't spending. There is still a trillion dollars tucked away awaiting for the right time for companies to diversify.

The Associated Press is Obama's lap dog. The spending is through the roof, our debt will never get paid off, true unemployment and productivity will never improve, the dollar will continue to sink, and the turmoil around the world will keep this country struggling to make ends meet. Gas prices is one thing that will hinder this economy, but there is a solution; DRILL BABY DRILL.

(AP) WASHINGTON -- The American economy is now strong enough to withstand Middle East turmoil and the Japanese nuclear crisis. Only a big rise in the price of oil could stop it now.

Those are the findings of an Associated Press survey of leading economists, who are increasingly confident in a recovery that is nearly two years old. They expect the economy to grow faster every quarter this year.

In part, that's because the economists think Americans will spend more freely in the coming months. Higher stock prices have made people wealthier. And a cut in the Social Security payroll tax is giving most households an extra $1,000 to $2,000 this year.

American exports and corporate spending, which have helped drive the recovery, are also expected to remain strong, according to the quarterly AP Economy Survey.

The one factor that could make a second recession a possibility would be a jump in oil prices to $150 a barrel, economists say. Oil trades at about $112 a barrel now. The record high, set in the summer of 2008, is about $147 a barrel.

Eric Holder will Investigate High Gas Price, Possible Tea Party Involvement LOL

Eric Holder found disturbing irregularities with the high gas price. Well, it is obvious that Obama's presidential re-election bid in 2012 looks very dismal, and Holder is scared that he will be out of a job. Since speculation in the market, which is a normal stock market occurrence, can drive a commodity through the roof, it could have detrimental effect in our daily life. Holder is reaching the bottom of the barrel to find out the cause of the high gas price. Well, I have some (crazy) thoughts on the matter. Holder suspects an al-Qaeda and Taliban involvement to the crisis. There is a high possibility that a Christian organization is aiding and abetting the manipulation of the oil market. There is a consideration that Israel is to be blamed. Holder will decided if the proceedings for a trail be done in civilian court or at GITMO. There are rumors that Holder will investigate the TEA PARTY movement for their primary role in driving the oil market and depreciation of the dollar. Honestly, Eric Holder is way over his head.

(Reuters) - Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that he saw some "disturbing" things in the energy markets, which support forming the task force unveiled last week to investigate possible fraud and manipulation.

"There are at least a couple of things that are I think disturbing and I think we'll look into those," Holder told reporters when asked if he believed people were illegally manipulating the market. He declined to identify his concerns.

"But again I don't want go too far out there and say that that is the reason why we have seen these gas price rises, but there is I think a basis for us to announce the formation of the task force," he said.

The Obama administration unveiled the task force working group as President Barack Obama tried to head off a political headache of soaring gasoline prices as his 2012 re-election bid begins.

Gas prices climb 6.4 cents overnight

It is 2008 all over again. What reverse the high gas price in 2008? Bush rescinding an executive order banning off shore drilling. That cause a cascade of events that ended the speculation in the oil market. Will Obama do the same? It would be a fat chance in hell that will transpire. So far, EPA clamping down off shore leases, a ban in new refineries, and Obama raising the tax on oil companies. I don't think these will bring down the price of gas.

southeast-michigan">(WXYZ) - Michigan motorists will pay 6.4 cents more for gas today than yesterday -- with the current statewide average now at $4.040 per gallon, reports AAA Michigan.

This is the first time the average price of self-serve unleaded gas has hit $4 across the state since Sept. 19, 2008, when the average price was $4.034 per gallon.

The current statewide average is $1.196 more than the same time last year. The average for self-serve regular rose 4.2 cents in Metro Detroit yesterday, with the average now at $4.020 per gallon.

The Metro Detroit average is $1.187 cents higher than last year at this time.

Obama solution to High Gas Price, Raise taxes to Oil Companies

Obama understand we are reliving 2008 and the high gas prices. What does he do? Obama raise the tax on big bad oil companies. This will have no effect to the price of gas. It only raises tax revenues. These oil companies will only pass on the cost to us at the gas pumps. Therefore, we are getting shafted with the bill. Whenever the government taxes on a company, those taxes are added to the price of the product they sell. Corporations don't pay taxes. That is the honest truth. The logical truth is to DRILL BABY DRILL. That will end the speculation in the oil market. Bush did that in 2008.

(Yahoo) WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amid rising gasoline prices at the pump, President Barack Obama urged congressional leaders Tuesday to take steps to repeal oil industry tax breaks, reiterating a call he made in his 2012 budget proposal earlier this year. The White House conceded his plan would do nothing in the short term to lower gas prices.
Rising gas prices have become a political weight for the White House, with polls showing that as the cost rises at the pump, the president's approval ratings have slipped. Obama has increasingly sought to display action on oil, even as he acknowledges that there is no immediate answer to stem costs.

"High oil and gasoline prices are weighing on the minds and pocketbooks of every American family," Obama wrote. But he also added that "there is no silver bullet to address rising gas prices in the short term."

Obama's proposal, spelled out in his past two budget plans, would eliminate a number of tax breaks for oil companies that would generate an estimated $4 billion a year in additional revenue.

Trump is Creating an Agenda for the American People

We are in the beginning of the presidential cycle. Donald Trump is creating a buzz that he is running for president. Trump is a billionaire and I highly doubt he would give up his real estate venture, his billions, and his TV personality for a lousy $400,000/yr president salary. Instead, Trump is creating a narrative about Obama and the American people are responding. The birth certificate issue has resurfaced. The economy and jobs is making the news. Trump understands that high gas price will hurt America. In fact, Trump is putting an agenda for the American public to decide what is important for the 2012 election. So far, the birth certificate issue is what really concerns him the most and the America public is starting to support it.

(USA TODAY) Fifty percent of Americans, including 31% of Republicans, say Trump would make a “poor” or “terrible” president.

“Trump is filling a huge void in the Republican Party right now, and he’s gathering a protest vote: protest against the way Washington works; protest with the establishment Republicans,” says Scott Reed, manager for Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign. “The jury is still out whether Trump can translate that into a real candidacy for president.”

His possible bid faces broad resistance: 63% of Americans, including 46% of Republicans, say they definitely will not vote for Trump for president. In comparison, 46% of Americans say they definitely will not vote for President Obama — significantly lower but itself a hurdle to winning the 2012 election.

Though Trump initially got attention by expressing doubts whether Obama was born in the USA, that issue is not driving his support. Among those who say they definitely or might vote for Trump, only about a third question whether the president was born in the USA.

Support from the “birthers” is stronger for Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. The issue has persisted even though Hawaii has released an official Certificate of Live Birth showing Obama was born there, a fact confirmed in non-partisan investigations by and others.

Still, in the USA TODAY poll, only 38% of Americans say Obama definitely was born in the USA, and 18% say he probably was. Fifteen percent say he probably was born in another country, and 9% say he definitely was born elsewhere.

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Low Poll for Obama on Afghanistan

I post a blog yesterday mentioning how 500 Taliban insurgents escaped from a prison in Afghanistan. I also added that under Obama's watch, over 950 military soldiers died in a 3 year span. To note, under the 8 years under Bush, only 620 military soldiers died. This incompetence of this current president is inexcusable. If his intention is to leave Afghanistan before the 2012 presidential elections, the president needs to pack it up now and stop any further spill of our precious blood and treasure. Now, the news of the handling of the Afghanistan war is voice by the low approval numbers for the president by the American people. If the Democrats keep insisting this is another Vietnam, their wish is finally coming true.

(ABC News) A record 49 percent of Americans now disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan, up 8 points since January. And those who disapprove “strongly” outnumber strong approvers by nearly a 2-1 margin.

With Obama holding his monthly national security meeting on Afghanistan today, the results show a significant drop in the president’s approval rating on handling the issue, down 12 points in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll from a year ago.

The change follows an ABC/Post poll last month in which a new low, 31 percent, said the war in Afghanistan has been worth fighting. Sixty-four percent said it is not worth fighting, with 49 percent feeling that way “strongly,” both record highs in ABC/Post polls.

The spike in disapproval in the latest survey, produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates, is almost entirely due to a slide in support on the right. Compared to January, disapproval is up by 21 points among Republicans (from 48 percent to 69 percent), by 12 points among conservatives (from 51 percent to 63 percent), and by 11 points among Tea Party supporters (from 55 to 66 percent).

Views on the war could impact Obama’s fortunes in the next election: Among those who disapprove of his handling of the situation, 70 percent say they will definitely not vote for him for re-election in 2012.

Obama Attends Racist Church for His Easter Services

It is a coincidence that the reverend at the Shiloh Baptist Church is not different to the reverend at the Trinity United Church of Christ, the church Obama spend 20 years attending. The similarities are base on racism and black liberation theology. For Rev. Charles Wallace to remark how his 4 week old grandson's gurgling talk was referencing to slavery, it was going over the top.

But there is a undeniable fact: Obama prefers to listen to racist preachers. It motivates Obama to make decision against the foundations of this country. Obama believes in black liberation theology because he despises the white man; hence, the destruction of America as we speak.

(WRON Morning Rush)It may sound a little callous and abrasive to even be suspicious of Obama's choice of churches for Easter Sunday 2011, but given the climate of the media bias so overwhelmingly in favor of casting Obama in the best light possible, the regular media professionals can't be trusted to actually do some basic reporting.

The one and only detail reported about Shiloh Baptist Church was that it was founded by freed slaves during the Civil War. There was no mention that this was the first Presidential visit to Shiloh, nor any mention that this inaugural visit could be more than a coincidence.

Was there no mention that this is a predominately black church because the media didn't want the American people to know that our President chooses his church based on race? I'm reticent to openly guess at the media's intentions, but when flattering facts are reported and unflattering facts are omitted, we have no choice but to fill in the blanks.

It's understandable that the President hasn't been to eager to jump back into church life given that the one and only church our President has ever joined in his life is one of the biggest political sandbags he carried through the 2008 campaign.

Obama forgot Easter is a Christian Holiday

In my whole adult life, Obama is the first president who didn't wish or acknowledge Good Friday and Easter. Obama Christian? My butt! He is a Muslim by choice or be called an apostate. The president must realize that Easter is a Christian holiday not to be substituted for Earth Day.

(WhiteHouse Dossier) Just when I thought the current team running the White House might have used up all its allotted mistakes comes word that President Obama failed to issue either an Easter or a Good Friday greeting to the nation.

Now, let’s forget for a moment that these greetings, which presidents issue on many holidays and commemorations of events, are largely perfunctory and symbolic gestures that nobody cares about.

Until there’s a problem with them.

Fox News first caught the blunder and put it into context that makes the omission insulting to Christians. The mistake is odd enough to call into question just what Obama’s priorities are.

By comparison, the White House has released statements recognizing the observance of major Muslim holidays and released statements in 2010 on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha.

The White House . . . did release an eight-paragraph statement heralding Earth Day. Likewise, the president’s weekend address mentioned neither Good Friday or Easter.

Obama, Fox notes, did head out to church yesterday and held an Easter prayer breakfast at the White House last week.

Obama is on a roll for religious holiday greeting screw ups. Fox News writes:

In 2010, Obama was criticized for releasing an all-inclusive Easter greeting. He reached out to Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and people of no faith at all in a statement about a holiday that is uniquely Christian.

And as I noted last week, the president released a Passover greeting this month that compared the ancient Jewish exodus from Egypt to the Arab political awakening this year, which would be a beautiful thing if most Arabs didn’t seek Israel’s destruction.

The president is, of course, hosting the Easter Egg Roll at the White House today. But Easter isn’t really about rolling eggs on a manicured lawn, now is it?

UPDATE: Asked during this afternoon’s briefing about the issue, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested Obama’s “high profile” visit to a church Sunday should suffice.

“I’m not sure if we put out a statement or not, but he obviously personally celebrated Easter with his family,” Carney said, adding ”the president took his family out to church in a very high-profile way.”

Carney added that Obama is a “devoted Christian.”

How about sending Palin to run the Fed

Sarah Palin may not be an economist, but she knows many intelligent conservative economists who knows the economy better than anyone else.

NY Sun:
The big question as Chairman Bernanke gets set for his first quarterly press conference is how Sarah Palin was able to figure out sooner than everyone else that the Federal Reserve’s campaign of quantitative easing wouldn’t work. Disappointment in the Fed’s policies is being reported this morning at the top of page one of the New York Times. It reports that “most Americans are not feeling the difference” from the Fed’s “experimental effort to spur a recovery by purchasing vast quantities of federal debt.” It reports that “a broad range of economists say that the disappointing results show the limits of the central bank’s ability to lift the nation from its economic malaise.”

It’s a terrific story, and well-timed, given that on Wednesday Mr. Bernanke will break tradition and meet with the press. It is part of the Fed’s effort to get ahead of what is emerging as a public relations catastrophe, as gasoline is nearing six dollars a gallon at some pumps, the cost of groceries is skyrocketing, and the value of the dollars that Mr. Bernanke’s institution issues as Federal Reserve notes has collapsed to less than a 1,500th of an ounce of gold. Unemployment is still high. Shakespeare couldn’t come up with a better plot. But how in the world did Mrs. Palin, who is supposed to be so thick, manage to figure all this out so far ahead of the New York Times and all the economists it talked to?

New York Times

“I wasn’t a big fan of it in the first place,” said Charles I. Plosser, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and one of the 10 members of the Fed’s policy-making board. “I didn’t think it was going to have much of an impact, and it complicated the exit strategy. And what we’ve seen has not changed my mind.”

Read the complete article at (HotAir)

Obama Good War in Afghanistan Becomes a Cluster

Nearly 500 Taliban flee in daring Afghan jailbreak

Nato screwed it up again. They are unable to stabilize the region. Their incompetence is making the Afghanistan War look utterly hopeless. In fact, Obama's war in Afghanistan is unraveling. Afghanistan President Karzi is playing both side of the war and ironically, the US is pouring billions to his corrupt government. To make matters worst, Obama is allowing soldiers to die in order to make plight we have to get out of Afghanistan. Mr. President, why not get them out now and not before the 2012 elections. Mr.President, blood and treasure refers to our military men and women, if you didn't know. Under Obama's watch, there were more deaths in the 3 years as president(960) compared to the 8 years under the Bush Administration (630).

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year

Year: US
2001: 12
2002: 49
2003: 48
2004: 52
2005: 99
2006: 98
2007: 117
2008: 155
2009: 317
2010: 499
2011: 100
Total: 1546

(Breitbart) Almost 500 Taliban fighters and commanders escaped from a prison in an audacious jailbreak in southern Afghanistan which the government admitted Monday was a security "disaster".
The Taliban said it sprung the inmates out of the prison in Kandahar through a one-kilometre tunnel that took five months to dig, and claimed all those who escaped belonged to the militia, including over 100 commanders.

The daring breakout in the Taliban's heartland, the second from the prison in three years, threatens to undermine recent gains claimed by NATO forces in the area after a US-led troop surge, just as the annual fighting season begins.

It is also a major embarrassment for Afghan forces who are due to take on greater responsibility for security in their country ahead of the planned withdrawal of foreign combat troops in 2014.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malaysian Muslim Clerics Calls Fatwa to Anyone Dancing the Poco-Poco Dance

Good grief. Muslim clerics could also call Fatwa to our American dances; the chicken dance, the electric slide, YMCA dance, and the achy breaky dance. WAIT! After thinking about it, go for it except for the YMCA. The rest are stupid dances. LOL

(Daily India) Kuala Lumpur, Apr 24 (ANI) — Islamic clerics in Malaysia are firm on their ban on ‘poco-poco’ a popular dance form, claimed of having Christian roots, despite the country’s National Fatwa Council’s decision to allow the dance.

The Perak Fatwa council’s Mufti, Harussani Zakaria, said the state fatwa council was convinced that the dance contained elements of Christianity and spirit worshipp.

“We will not back down on our decision. It is final,” the Star quoted Zakaria, as saying.

Earlier, Zakaria had announced that the dance was ‘haram’. He further said that research showed the cross-shaped movement, normally associated with Christianity, could clearly be seen in the dance.

Zakaria said that this dance form has been originated from a ritual dance often practiced in Jamaica while the word “poco” referred to a kind of wild dance performed while possessed by “ancestral spirits”.

2 GOP RINOs Endorse Assassinating Gaddafi with US Ground Troops

Senator's Lindsey Graham and John McCain, two of our favorite GOP RINO's, are endorsing a new plan; assassinate Gaddafi. Graham wanted to "cut the head of the snake off," which is a code name for "assassination." Then McCain stated, "Our Nato allies neither have the assets, nor frankly the will," which is another code name for "US ground troops." McCain's reference my be associated with air power, but it does open the door to ground troops as well. I don't think McCain was referring to the predator drones Obama donated to NATO.

The wonder twins of the GOP are dictating a new policy, which Obama probably will endorse because the longer the presidents stays in Libya, it will hurt his 2012 presidential re-election bid.

(Telegraph) — Senior western leaders called for Nato to adopt an assassination policy against Col Muammar Gaddafi to salvage the bombing campaign in Libya from a descent into stalemate.

The calls came as Col Gaddafi was reported to have strengthened his grip on power by repatriating billions of dollars in overseas assets that should have been frozen by UN sanctions.

On Sunday, there was growing pressure on Coalition forces to directly target Col Gaddafi with military strikes.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican member of the Senate Armed Services committee, said that the quickest way to end the emerging stalemate was to “cut the head of the snake off”. He said: “The people around Gaddafi need to wake up every day wondering, ‘Will this be my last?’

Senator John McCain, who visited Libya at the weekend, also said that the Libyan dictator should be targeted but argued that it was more important to increase American firepower over Libya. He said: “It’s pretty obvious to me that the US has got to play a greater role on the air power side. Our Nato allies neither have the assets, nor frankly the will – there’s only six countries of the 28 in Nato that are actively engaged in this situation.”

The Worst Cars On The Road, 9 were GM Cars

It seems the $50 billion bailout to the auto industry didn't do crap to improve the company or the cars they produce. Obama called it an investment for America. As it turns out, that investment was a losing $11 billion proposition to the American taxpayer. Of the 12 cars named, 9 automobiles were produce by General Motors (GM). Not including the 3 foreign imports, the only company that wasn't mention and didn't receive bailout money was Ford. Therefore, the government is in no position to take over the private sector. The government doesn't understand how to run a company. The government purpose is to waste our tax dollar and create a nanny state. This bailout was a waste of tax dollars to help line the pockets of lobbyist.

The Worst Cars On The Road - ABC News

1. Cadillac Escalade (Base Model):Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Value, Consumer Reports Highest Costs of Ownership, Consumer Reports Worst Safety Performance

2. Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Value, Consumer Reports Worst Safety Performance, Consumer Reports Least Reliable

3. Dodge Nitro SLT: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Value, Consumer Reports Worst Cars, Consumer Reports Least Reliable, Consumer Reports Worst Fuel Economy

4. Dodge Dakota: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Highest Costs of Ownership, Consumer Reports Least Reliable

5. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Value, Consumer Reports Worst Cars, Consumer Reports Least Reliable

6. Mercedes Benz S550: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Value, Consumer Reports Highest Costs of Ownership, Consumer Reports Worst Fuel Economy

7. Chrysler Town and Country: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Highest Costs of Ownership, Consumer Reports Least Reliable

8. Chevrolet Colorado: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Safety Performance, Consumer Reports Least Reliable

9. Chevrolet Aveo/Aveo5: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Cars, Consumer Reports Least Reliable, Consumer Reports Worst Fuel Economy

10. SmartForTwo coupe: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Worst Cars, Consumer Reports Least Reliable

11. Jeep Liberty/Jeep Liberty Sport: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Least Reliable, Consumer Reports Worst Fuel Economy

12. Nissan Titan: Listed Among: Consumer Reports Least Reliable, Consumer Reports Worst Fuel Economy

(ABC NEWS)By all accounts, Detroit's Big Three automakers have begun producing better-made, longer lasting, more efficient vehicles. It's a distinct change from the 1990s and early 2000s, when they fell behind their European and Asian counterparts in each category.

"This change is not even a gradual thing," says Christine Overstreet, an automotive consultant and director of Heels and Wheels. "It's like they've said, 'OK, we really want to step it up, we really want to compete, we're ready.' After past years of being so bad, they've really stepped up their game."

But with three exceptions--the Mercedes-Benz S550, Smart Fortwo and Nissan Titan--all of the cars on this year's list of the Worst Cars on the Road are (still) made by domestic companies. That includes the Dodge Dakota, Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and Chrysler Town & Country. The only American car company with zero vehicles on the list? Ford.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Half of Democrats Think Bush Did 9/11, More than Half of GOP Think Obama is a Kenyan

No one cares if over 50 percent of Democrats think Bush knew about 9/11. Obama is believe by more than half of Republicans that he is not a US citizen. It looks like an even swap, but there is one thing Republicans have in their arsenal. We can impeach Obama if he is lying. Obama still have 18 months till the 2012 Presidential Elections, which is plenty of time to throw a monkey wrench in his plan. Remember Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos?

(Politico) — I’ve been looking for a good analogue to the willingness of Republicans to believe, or say they believe, that Obama was born abroad, and one relevant number is the share of Democrats willing to believe, as they say, that “Bush knew.”

There aren’t a lot of great public numbers on the partisan breakdown of adherents to that conspiracy theory, but the University of Ohio yesterday shared with us the crosstabs of a 2006 poll they did with Scripps Howard that’s useful in that regard.

“How likely is it that people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East?” the poll asked.

A full 22.6% of Democrats said it was “very likely.” Another 28.2% called it “somewhat likely.”

That is: More than half of Democrats, according to a neutral survey, said they believed Bush was complicit in the 9/11 terror attacks.

Obama Has Always Had The Gift For Self Pity

America is losing its patience with Obama. He will be classified as a whiner and blame shifter. The sum of these negative attributes is a true sign of an inexperience president. Unlike the first two years of his presidency, Obama return to the campaign trail. A path the president feels comfortable. Obama is seen as a bloviated orator giving speeches than governing a country. It is obvious that running a capital society is very challenging to the president. Instead, Obama prefers a true totalitarian-like regime, a system that doesn't have an opposition. It is easier to govern as a totalitarian regime because it would take an idiot to screw it up.

It is sickening to hear Obama's gripe. Obama stated the leader of China has a better time of governing than him. The president admitted he rather be invincible and have the freedom to move about without the secret service and the media. Obama has shown intolerance to badgering reporters and displayed moments of an anxiety attack when the president's Teleprompter failed him. Obama is beginning to show a more sarcastic, testier, and arrogant side nothing seeing among presidents. And if all else fails, Obama's remark, "It's Bush fault."

"The Oval Office, I always thought I was going to have really cool phones and stuff. . . . I’m like, 'C’mon guys, I’m the president of the United States. Where’s the fancy buttons and stuff and the big screen comes up?' It doesn’t happen."

— Pres. Barack H. Obama

(National Review) The list of people I feel sorry for is long. It includes not just all of the people I know personally who are suffering from one misfortune or another, but the billions around the world who’re having a rougher time than they ought: Japanese earthquake victims, targets of ethnic cleansing, etc. Then there’s the supplemental list, which includes everyone from fans of Lost who were ripped off by the series finale to the guy in the middle seat on a long flight.

But one guy who doesn’t make the list is Barack Obama.

None of this is entirely new. The president has always had a gift for self-pity. And blame-shifting. “It’s Bush’s fault” could be the subtitle of his presidency.

Washington State Considers Annual Flat Fee for Electric Cars

A user base tax to drive a car on public road is another way how the government is trying to siphon every penny we earn. This tax will affect every person who owns a car. It will affect every social economic class; from the poor to the very rich. The government doesn't discriminate anybody because they believes it's their money and they want it. By the way, the user base tax will not only affect electric cars, but also, eventually affect cars that run on gas and the combination of gas/electric. The government isn't stupid. They have all areas covered. The annual flat fee to drive an electric car is only the beginning.

(Yahoo) OLYMPIA, Wash. – Drivers of electric cars may have left the gas pump behind, but there's one expense they may not be able to shake: paying to maintain the roads.

After years of urging residents to buy fuel-efficient cars and giving them tax breaks to do it, Washington state lawmakers are considering a measure to charge them a $100 annual fee — what would be the nation's first electric car fee.

State lawmakers grappling with a $5 billion deficit are facing declining gas tax revenue, which means less money to maintain or improve roads.

"Electric vehicles put just as much wear and tear on our roads as gas vehicles," said Democratic state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, the bill's lead sponsor. "This simply ensures that they contribute their fair share to the upkeep of our roads."

Other states are trying to find solutions to the same problem, as cars become more fuel-efficient and, now, don't use any gas at all.

In Oregon, lawmakers are considering a bill to charge drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles based on the number of miles they drive. In Mississippi, lawmakers briefly considered a similar plan. In Texas, significant opposition scuttled an electric vehicle fee.

In Washington state, some electric car drivers and lawmakers are against the fee, saying they prefer paying based on how much they actually drive.

Of course, such use-based fees could end up costing drivers more.

More Drivers Stranded for Running Out Of Gas

It is only to get worst as summer approaches. Hopefully by then, the American people can start that revolution I only can dream about. Of course, there will be cars stranded on the highway. Drivers are no longer filling their tank at the three-quarter mark on the fuel gauge. They are filling when the indicator light of the fuel gauge goes on. Like myself, we are all guilty of that.

(CBS) PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With gas prices pushing $4 a gallon, a lot of people are trying to stretch their dollar at the gas pump, but some of them are trying to stretch it a little too far.

Since the beginning of March, AAA has seen an 18 percent increase in the number of roadside calls for people running out of gas.

“I never put a lot in because I can’t afford to fill it up,” Leo Greek, a stranded motorist, said.

He says he’s not even sure how much it would cost to fill up his truck these days because he hasn’t done it for a while. He gets only what he needs and today he underestimated.

“It’s frustrating,” Greek said. “I can’t believe it has to be that expensive, but I know everybody’s going through it.”

According to AAA, gas prices in the Pittsburgh area have gone up 26 cents per gallon in the last month.

“Before it was more absentminded than anything else,” Jim Krebs with Brighton Service said. “But now, I believe that’s what it is. I believe people are like, ‘Man, I got to buy something else so I’m not going to put gas in the car. I should be able to make it,’ and they don’t.”

TSA Pedophile Caught Red Handed Uploading Child Porn

This is why we don't want a TSA screener touching us or our children. Some are bunch of pedophiles. As noted in past blogs, TSA hires pedophiles and criminals. What a great job for them. They get paid to feel and steal. It's the best of both world for these derelicts.

(Philly) A passenger screener at Philadelphia International Airport is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook, records show.

Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

Homeland Security agents arrested the TSA officer March 24, and he is being held without bail.

Although the case was unsealed Thursday, neither the indictment nor the news release mentioned Gordon's job searching airline passengers for TSA.

The arrest comes as TSA grapples with several other incidents involving screeners, including a YouTube video posted last week by parents angry about the pat-down their 6-year-old daughter received at an airport in New Orleans. TSA officials said the pat-down was proper; the parents said the girl was "groped."

Friday, April 22, 2011

RINO GOP Warn Risks Of Pushing Debt Ceiling Debate Too Far

You cant believe everything Washington say. Democrats wants to debt ceiling raise, but will punt with spending cut. The GOP establishment doesn't want to lose their power and they are dancing with the issue. The Tea Party Conservatives want a shut down. The myth of economical disaster if we don't raise the debt ceiling suggests it is the end of the world. It is a myth and a lie. The revenues we take in as tax is sufficient to pay the debt obligations the government owes. This is the only weapon Conservative have to curb spending. We don't need a scalpel to cut the spending; we need a machete. The market is resilient and will adapt to the change. We have been delaying this for a long time. We need to fix it now or it will be too late down the road.

(Huffingtonpost) All of this is supported by a poll from the Tea Party group FreedomWorks, which found that 69 percent of all voters oppose raising the debt ceiling.

While there is disagreement between Democrats and Republicans over when a default would occur if the government hit the debt ceiling, there is broad bipartisan agreement that such a scenario is undesirable and would likely have dire consequences for the economy and the nation.

So the task for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will be to extract significant concessions from President Obama and Democrats in Congress that will not be rejected as a fig leaf by Tea Party activists. Judging from the Tea Party’s scathing reaction to the deal struck in the most recent fight over this year’s budget, that will be a difficult task.

There are three main components to any potential deal that Boehner and McConnell must address.

One is what kind of structural changes to spending can be enacted, such as spending caps for each year's budget. A second is how deeply spending will be cut in the budget for fiscal year 2012, which starts in October. And the third is how high the debt ceiling will be increased from its current $14.3 trillion level, and whether that will last beyond the 2012 election or not.

They must also deal with what are essentially two different Congressional Republican camps.

Many GOP lawmakers are in the conventional wisdom crowd, which says that the debt ceiling has to be raised no matter what. This subset wants to avoid scaring the markets, but they also think the united GOP bloc has substantial leverage and can extract significant spending cut concessions from Democrats.

The second Republican camp is the more hard line conservative group, which appears willing to press their case to the political and economic limit. They will not vote for a debt ceiling increase unless they receive significant concessions.

For Democratic leaders, the narrative is relatively straightforward: The ceiling should be raised promptly, and some limited spending cuts would be appropriate.

GOP Want Assurance DADT Wont Hamper Combat Readiness

We shouldn't play political games with the lives of our soldiers. I have no qualms having gays in the military, but there needs to have a certain assurance that allowing gays in the military won't hamper the military combat readiness. Our military men and women need on another in the theater of battle. If one hesitates to shoot their rifle and panic, the whole unit become severely compromised. Democrats don't seem to care the implication of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Democrats want to suck up to the "DADT" lobbyist who are big contributors to their campaign.

(Worldnet Daily) Republican leaders in Congress are talking about new ways of putting the brakes on repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" after top military brass repeatedly told a House committee hearing they "don't know" how welcoming open homosexuality in the ranks will affect combat readiness.

Though Congress last year repealed the 1993 "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in the military, open homosexuality in the ranks won't officially be permitted until after the president, secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify that implementation of the change "is consistent with the standards of military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion and recruiting and retention of the armed forces."

At a full House Armed Services Committee hearing earlier this month, however, those "standards" came into question, as U.S. military leaders wilted under demands from congressional members to justify repeal of the policy.

According to a report from the Center for Military Readiness, Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, R-Calif., challenged the military leaders, "I want to know how repeal increases combat effectiveness."

"[It is] too soon for me to tell," answered Marine Commandant General and Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James Amos. "Some of this will become evolutionary, revealed over time."

When questioned by Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., Gen. Amos reportedly replied, "Ma'am, I can't tell you at this point. … Will it improve recruiting, retention and combat effectiveness? I can't address that because I don't know."

Army Vice Chief General Peter W. Chiarelli similarly told Hunter, "We don't know yet how it's going to affect combat readiness. … But as we work this out over time, inclusive organizations are usually the best kinds of organizations."

Hunter eventually concluded in the meeting, "I think we heard [all of you] don't know whether repeal will increase combat effectiveness yet."

Prior to the committee hearing, Rep. Hunter had already proposed House Resolution 337, which would expand the certification requirement to repeal DADT to also include the service chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

Following the hearing, House Armed Services Committee Chair McKeon added his support to the additional requirements, telling C-SPAN's "Newsmakers" program that he felt the Democrats pushed the DADT repeal through during the post-election "lame duck" session without giving Congress the opportunity to "ask proper questions."

"I think [Hunter's bill] makes [certification] a better process," McKeon said. "I think the way this process was rammed through, it was done politically."

Orlando Gas Station Charges $5.69 a Gallon

It is Easter Weekend and the price of gas skyrocketed in pockets around Orlando, Florida. What do we need to do to get people angry? We don't need the media to tell us what the price of gas we are currently paying. We are already at the threshold that we were in 2008. The media and Washington, D.C., don't care because no one is complaining. Obama throws a piece of carrot to do some investigation on the recent spike in gas, but the president's motive is to buy time. We are giving a huge tax revenue to the government in a form of a gas tax. It is affecting everybody. It doesn't matter what social economic class one belongs. It affects everybody who owns a car.

(CNN Money) NEW YORK -- Gas prices are on the rise nationwide, but one filling station in Florida has earned the dubious distinction of having the highest prices in the country.

Suncoast Energys, located near the Orlando International Airport, was charging $5.69 a gallon for regular gasoline on Friday. That's the highest of any gas retailer in the nation, according to price tracker

By contrast, the average price in the city of Orlando is $3.78 a gallon, a few pennies below the state and national averages.

But authorities in Orlando -- where tourism helps drive the local economy -- have taken notice of the high prices at Suncoast and another gas station near the airport.

The city does not have the authority to regulate gas prices, so Orlando recently passed an ordinance requiring gas stations to post prices on signs that are clearly visible from the street.

Obama's deficit plans run into economic reality

Finally, Earth to Obama!!! The president is understanding reality.

(AP) LOS ANGELES-- President Barack Obama headed west to sell his big picture deficit-reduction plan. But many people are waiting for a quick fix to their own economic problems caused chiefly by persistent unemployment and the crippled housing market.

Audiences in California and Nevada understood why it's important to get a handle on the deficit over the long term. Yet they made clear that the economic recovery hasn't fully taken hold in ways that are meaningful to them.

As Obama shifts into re-election mode, he will need to show that he hasn't lost his focus on jobs even as the conversation in Washington swings to paying down what the nation owes.

An audience member at Obama's town hall meeting Wednesday at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., summarized how the increased attention on red ink looks to the public.

"At the beginning of your term you spent a lot of time talking about job creation and the road to economic recovery," the questioner told the president. "Since then, we've seen the conversation shift from that of job creation and economic recovery to that of spending cuts and the deficit."

"I would love to know your thoughts on how you're going to balance these two going forward, or even potentially shift the conversation back," she added.

Obama said that unless lawmakers get the country's long-term finances under control, more immediate economic gains could prove difficult.

Good Friday crucifixions in Philippines

The Filipino people of the Philippines are 98% Christians. As devoted followers of Christ, they take Christianity very seriously. On Good Friday of every year, there are a few who follows the teaching of Christ to heart. The crucifixion is the most excruciation torture known to man, but there are a few Filipinos willing to go the extra mile and experience the pain Jesus had to endure.

The miracle to see those being crucified survive the ordeal is of utter amazement. It is considered a blessing to many Filipinos willing to be nailed to the cross. While there are critics from the Catholic church insisting them to stop, the devoted followers of Christ will continue this tradition till the day the second coming of our Lord reveals Himself.

(Daily Telegraph) DEVOTEES re-enacted Jesus's crucifixion in gory scenes while millions of other less extreme faithful across the Catholic Philippines prayed with their families on Good Friday.

A handful of people are traditionally nailed to crosses while hundreds more have their backs whipped until they bleed in Asia's major Catholic outpost, to remember the day when Christians believe Jesus Christ died 2,000 years ago.

In the small farming town of Cutud, a couple of hours' drive north of Manila, thousands of tourists gathered to watch what has over the years become the biggest and bloodiest Good Friday spectacle.

Fourteen people were nailed to crosses and hundreds were whipped as they walked through the town, their blood splattering onto the ground and walls of buildings.

The most senior of those nailed to a cross, Ruben Enaje, 50, said he was going through the ordeal this year for the 25th time as a way of giving thanks to God for allowing him to survive an accident unscathed.

One of the most outspoken critics of the bloody rituals, Catholic Archbishop Rolando Tirona of a Manila district, said they were a misreading of church teachings, but he conceded there were powerful cultural reasons behind them.

"The panata becomes so personal that nobody can correct or change them. They promise they will do this if their sick grandmother gets better and when she gets better, they say they have to fulfil their vows," Tirona told AFP

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama Supporters Heckle President During Fundraiser

Protesters hit high-end Obama fundraiser...
Thurs April 21 2011 12:52:09 EDT

Subject: Pool report #1

San Francisco -- ***Protestors in high-end fundraiser - see below***

Motorcade left the Intercontinental Hotel at 9 am local and arrived at the St. Regis for President Obama's last Bay area fundraiser. A couple dozen demonstrators are on a corner across the street from the hotel. They have signs - "Yes We Cannabis" and "Protect Marijuana Patients Rights" - and are chanting something your pooler couldn't make out. One of them also has sign of Uncle Sam's face with "LIAR" written on his hat.

About 200 donors were at the breakfast fundraiser, per a Democratic official.Your pooler counted 15 tables with 10 chairs each, however, and not all tables were full, including one in the back where Valerie Jarrett, Jay Carney and Patrick Gaspard sat with two other people. Tickets are $35,800 each. The money goes to The Victory Fund, a joint account of the Obama campaign and the DNC. $5,000 goes to the campaign, and $30,800 goes to DNC.

POTUS was introduced by Nancy Pelosi. "We can thank him for bringing hope where there was despair for some," Ms. Pelosi said. POTUS, she said, was a job creator from the start."His reelection is absolutely essential to our country's future," Ms. Pelosi said. POTUS spoke with a handheld mic. "I'll admit I sort of slept in," POTUS said.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom was seated front, former Mayor Willie Brown, "no matter how hard I try, Willie is still better dressed than me - although I'm still getting used to the no mustache thing." POTUS called Ms. Pelosi one of the greatest speakers in history. He started to launch into his stump speech when Ms. Pelosi interrupted to say Gov. Jerry Brown had been there.

Mr. Obama was in the middle of his remarks when a woman in a white suit stood up and said, Mr. President we wrote you a song. POTUS tried to get her to wait until later, but she persisted and the table of 10 broke into a song that pointed out they'd just spent $5,000 donating to his campaign and went on to protest the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning. The woman stayed standing as they sang. Mr. Obama looked to Ms. Pelosi and asked, Nancy did you do this? Ms. Pelosi had a look on her face, as she stared at the singing group, that definitely said she did not. The song - will send quotes after transcribe - talked about Bradley Manning and how he is "alone in a cell..."

The 10 singers then passed around 8.5x11 signs that said "Free Bradley Manning" or had a photo of him.Then the woman in the white suit stripped off her jacket to reveal a black T-shirt that said Free Bradley Manning, with an image of him. "We paid our dues. Where's our change?" they sang. USSS and WH staff had moved near the table at this point. The woman was escorted out. Two others left on their own. (The rest stayed and applauded at the end of POTUS's speech.)

"That was a nice song," a displeased Mr. Obama said. "Now where was I?" POTUS asked. As was indicated by that song, "Over the last 2 and a half years, change turned out to be tougher than we expected," POTUS said.

Subject: Pool report #1a - song lyrics

Here it is:

Dear Mr. President we honor you today sir
Each of us brought you $5,000
It takes a lot of Benjamins to run a campaign
I paid my dues, where's our change?
We'll vote for you in 2012, yes that's true
Look at the Republicans - what else can we do
Even though we don't know if we'll retain our liberties
In what you seem content to call a free society
Yes it's true that Terry Jones is legally free
To burn a people's holy book in shameful effigy
But at another location in this country
Alone in a 6x12 cell sits Bradley
23 hours a day is night
The 5th and 8th Amendments say this kind of thing ain't right
We paid our dues, where's our change?

One of the singers gave your pooler the lyrics, written out on the back of the menu for the fundraiser. It includes the website

Also, on POTUS - your pooler would say he took the song in stride and at first he didn't seem to realize it was a protest song.

In other news, the menu included scrambled organic Petaluma farmed eggs, chicked apple sausages, organic fingerling potatoes; fruit and berries; miniature danishes and Matzo crackers. Motorcade is rolling to the airport at 10 am local.

With a Democrat in the Oval Office, Five Dollars a Gallon is No Big Deal

Rush Limbaugh exposes the hypocrisy of the Main Stream Media. Under Bush, the media went on a rampage with the $4.00/gallon of gasoline, but under Obama, it is denyingly quiet. It is abundantly clear that Obama is forcing us to change our ways. The president wants us to get rid of our big SUVs and trucks. Obama wants us to buy expensive hybrids, smaller economical cars (deathtraps), use more mass transit, and buy defective electric cars. Well, the government cannot tell the American public or force us to buy something that we don't want.

Transcript from Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH: It is so predictable. There's MSNBC during their one-year retrospective impact of the Gulf oil spill. And you know what the purpose is of this particular episode being anchored by Andrea Mitchell is. The purpose here is to make sure we don't drill for oil ever again. It's to support Obama and the regime 'cause, man, look what almost happened. Do you realize every prediction of doom and disaster from that oil spill ended up being totally wrong, as wrong as you could be if you wanted to be a hundred percent wrong, and yet here they are, their one year retrospective with the whole focal point being, "Boy, it was a disaster, dangerous, could have been really disastrous. We better never drill for oil again." Why do this? What's the big deal about this anniversary? And to whom is it an anniversary, aside from the media? Zilch, nobody.

I want to show you something on the Dittocam. I just turned it off while I zoomed tight. We did a little Google search here. In the previous hour of the program I made reference to the fact that, where are all the stories on the gasoline price going up? Five bucks a gallon. If you heard the riff, you know, I don't need to repeat it, basically the point of it was that compared to 2005, the last time gasoline prices spiked big time, there's no coverage of it. So, yeah, while the price is exceeding four bucks in many places, five bucks in Washington, there's not this accompanying panic. No. What are we getting? A one-year look-back at the oil spill. So the media is doing everything it can to suppress any negative economic impact to Obama, virtually no coverage of the rising gasoline price.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a search, gasoline prices, Google trends. Here it is. That big spike that you see on the left is 2005 when the price was approaching four bucks a gallon and the oil price was around $150. That's been the way they've been covering gasoline prices since. This year, no coverage. See the little spike there. It just proves the point that I was making an hour ago, and that is that there's no coverage on this. I mean people are sending me notes, "Gasoline prices are skyrocketing. People are really feeling the pain." Are they? Do they know it? They're feeling it but do they think anybody else is feeling it? There's no news on it and there's certainly no negative news about it. Whatever news about the gas price going up tends to be, "Well, you know, there's really some good news about this. Less dependence on foreign oil. Less travel. Less accidents. Fewer lives lost." I mean, they're actually doing stories on the benefits of rising gasoline prices. Something you would never see, of course, if a Republican were in the Oval Office.